Hogwarts Legacy: ‘Dissending’ for Sweets quest guide

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Hogwarts Legacy offers plenty of side content, like ‘Dissending’ for Sweets quest, not descending by the way, offered to you by Gryffindor’s Garreth Weasley. Here’s everything you need to know to complete this quest.

During your time with the wonderous Hogwarts Legacy, you will have the option to engage in plenty of sidequests that award you money and even new spells. Some also give you the chance to interact with iconic Harry Potter characters, like Garreth Weasley.

Players will first encounter Garreth after attending Potions class with Professor Sharp for the first time. Here, Garreth will ask the player to steal a Fwooper Feather for him.

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However, this isn’t the last time players will encounter the troublemaking Gryffindor student, as Garreth is a key figure in the ‘Dissending’ for Sweets sidequest. Here’s how players can start this quest and what they get for completing it.

How to start ‘Dissending’ for Sweets

To have ‘Dissending’ for Sweets appear, players must attend their first Potions class with Professor Sharp. Afterward, Garreth will eventually appear in the Great Hall with a quest icon.

Garreth will ask the player to steal some Billywig stings for them from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade and tells them where to find a secret entrance to enter the shop’s cellar undetected.

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hogwarts legacy witch statue castleAvalanche Software
The One-eyed Witch Passage will bring players to a dungeon that leads to Honeydukes’ cellar.

Next, students must follow their map to the One-eyed Witch Statue near the Grand Staircase. Simply interact with the statue to enter a dungeon that houses some puzzles and treasure chests.

Traversing the dungeon

The first obstacle players will come across in the Hogwarts Legacy’s ‘dissending’ for sweets sidequest is the broken elevator. Use Repairo to fix the elevator, open the chest behind the elevator, and then ride it down to the bottom of the dungeon.

Next, travel down the long corridor that leads to a drop-off. Jump down and then use Levioso on the platform to raise it. Jump onto the platform then climb up the cliff wall to proceed.

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hogwarts legacy lift puzzleAvalanche Software
This dungeon contains plenty of platforms that students must lift with Levioso.

At the next split in the path, take the path down on the left to collect potion ingredients alongside a chest. Next, head back up to the split and go right. Use Levioso to raise another platform to jump across the gap and proceed.

The next Levioso platform students will come across is broken, meaning you must use Repairo once again to fix it and then use Levioso to raise it in place. Players should encounter cobwebs that can be burned with Incendio or Confringo in order to progress.

Just like the last platform puzzle, players will need to use Repairo to fix the next broken platform. However, you must also use Accio on the locking mechanism to fully lift in place. Finally, use Levioso to raise it similar to before.

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hogwarts legacy torch puzzleAvalanche Software
Light the two torches while standing on the mechanism to open the door.

Finally, the end of the dungeon has a pressure mechanism flanked by two torches and a locked door. Stand on the mechanism and then use Incendio or Confringo to light the two torches and the door will open leading to Honeydukes’ cellar.

From here, simply walk through the cellar to find a table where the Billywig stings sit. Run back through the dungeon or simply fast-travel by Floo Flame and return to Garreth to complete the quest.

Garreth will give players Galleons and the Quidditch Board Conjuration recipe for giving him the Billywig stings, along with 180 XP.

And that’s everything players need to know about completing the ‘Dissending’ for Sweets sidequest for Garreth Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy, just also remember that it has nothing to do with descending.

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