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How to get guaranteed wins in GTA Online Longest Jump challenge

Published: 8/May/2022 19:49

by Philip Trahan


GTA Online has plenty of challenges and events that players can complete in Freemode, but achieving the longest jump can prove difficult without the right vehicle and placement. Here’s how to get first place whenever this challenge pops up.

Freemode Challenges are random events that GTA Online players can participate in with others. Provided three unaffiliated players are in a session, they can compete with one another to earn in-game cash.

One is performing the Longest Jump, which you will have to use a land vehicle for. This guide will give players a few helpful tips on how to earn a guaranteed first place.


What vehicles to use for the Longest Jump Challenge

Right away, one of the best vehicles to use for this challenge is easily the Oppressor MK1, as the bike still counts as a land vehicle.

The rocket propulsion and wings on The Oppressor MK1 make it the ideal choice for gaining speed and maintaining air for very long distances.

Fun fact: You can use the oppressor mk1 for the Longest Jump freemode event and glide all the way to the centre of Los Santos from Mount chilliad, and then be called a hacker by the whole session. from gtaonline

Unfortunately, the Oppressor MK2 does not count as a land vehicle thanks to its ability to hover. This means players will have to get used to the MK1’s higher speed and difficult maneuverability in the air.

Once you have gotten used to how the Oppressor MK1 operates, it’s time to find an ideal place to launch yourself.


Where to find the best jump point in GTA Online

There are a few ideal spots that will make sure players earn first place in the longest jump challenge.

  1. Mount Chiliad is a great place to launch the Oppressor off of, considering it stands at 2619 ft tall in-game. You will have plenty of open space to glide freely after jumping off the top of the mountain
  2. The southern side of Mount Josiah houses some great spots for players to launch from, but it may be more difficult gaining horizontal distance from this mountain.
  3. Jumping off near the Vinewood Sign is another good spot, as plenty of height and hilly terrain make it easy for players to glide long distances.
Vinewood sign in GTA
Rockstar Games
The Vinewood sign offers plenty of hilly terrain behind it for players to get some great horizontal distance from.

Naturally, it’s best for players to familiarize themselves with these areas beforehand to have the best chance of getting first place.

Though, with the Oppressor MK1 on hand, most competitors probably won’t stand a chance unless they have one of their own.

For winning this challenge players will earn anywhere from $9,500 to $10,250.

That’s everything players need to know about winning GTA Online’s Longest Jump Challenge with the Oppressor MK1! Check out some of our other GTA Online guides below:


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