Rockstar teases big change for GTA Online’s Oppressor MK2

gta online oppressor mk2 in-gameRockstar Games

The Oppressor MK2 has been the biggest source of PVP griefing in GTA Online since it was first added in the After Hours update of 2018, but Rockstar Games appears to be eyeing a nerf for the flying vehicle. 

Flying around on a hoverbike sounds fun for those who own one, but with deadly missiles strapped to it – destroying unarmored vehicles in seconds – it can be your worst nightmare in public lobbies.

The MK2 has been described as “overpowered” in the past, for obvious reasons. It’s a small target to hit in the sky with bullets, unlike a huge plane, and it packs a punch with its own built-in weapons.

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While players have been left to fend for themselves against the griefers for over three years now, a possible silver lining has been discovered in a statement from the developers.

GTA Online Oppressor MK2 nerf teased

Oppressor MK2 GTARockstar Games
The default Oppressor MK2 costs $3.8 million in GTA Online.

Rockstar’s official Newswire page announced the arrival of GTA 5’s next-gen version, with an interesting comment in the “And More” section.

The wording, picked up by Reddit user chrisproske01, states: “We plan to make further adjustments across all versions of the game, in addition to rebalancing other areas – such as vehicles commonly used in PvP combat. Stand tuned for details.”

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Of course, with PvP combat in mind, there is nothing quite like the Oppressor in-game, meaning a nerf could be on the way.

A number of people have made the connection, too, with one replying with a suggestion: “All they need to do is take off the missiles. That’s it. Then that thing is utterly useless to those rats.”

Another said: “I also hope that that makes the tanks… Tanky. Infuriates me to no end that the Mk2 is better than a Tank.”

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With the Oppressor not named specifically, others said they will believe it when they see it.

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