GTA Online: All casino Lucky Wheel mystery prizes

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Grand Theft Auto Online players can win a wide variety of different prizes at the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel, but if you’re lucky enough, you could land yourself with one of the mystery prizes and rewards.


While many GTA Online players are visiting the casino to gamble their in-game dollars in the hopes of landing some mega wins at the tables, betting on horses, or even in the slot machines – the Lucky Wheel presents a different opportunity and has quickly become a very popular feature.

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There are a wide variety of mystery rewards in the game that can be collected from it, completely free of charge, and everybody gets a spin each time they visit the game’s casino. Whether you’re looking to snag yourself some extra cash or just wish to try your luck at winning the podium car, then the Lucky Wheel can reward you with both and more.


Lucky Wheel GTA Online prizeRockstar Games
The Lucky Wheel in GTA Online can be more lucrative than playing any of the other casino games.

All mystery prizes in GTA 5 Online Casino

What can you get from the mystery spin in GTA 5?

Once a day, players can head into the casino and spin the wheel, completely free, for a chance to bag a cool prize. Obtaining a mystery reward can be slim, though, with chances at a measly 5%. When trying your hand at the Lucky Wheel, and if you do land on Mystery prize, there are different types of useful prizes and rewards you can obtain, which we’ve listed below:

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  • Ammo
  • Armor
  • Casino chips
  • Clothes
  • Money
  • RP
  • Snacks
  • Special Cargo
  • Refills for these businesses: Bunker, MC Businesses, or your Warehouse
  • Vehicles

GTA Online Podium Vehicles

Aside from the already fantastic offerings that you can potentially claim through mystery prizes and rewards, what many players will likely be excited about is mystery vehicle prizes.

Typically, the featured podium car is your best bet at obtaining a snazzy new vehicle, but there’s only one vehicle obtainable through this method that can’t be purchased by other means, and that’s the Lost Slamvan. This will take you some time to get hold of, though, as it’s got a devastatingly unlikely 1 in 20,000 chance to appear.

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The latest podium car featured in the casino is the Enus Windsor Drop which was made available on June 24. However, this absolutely stunning car is due to be rotated out on June 30, so you will probably be crossing your fingers for the Lucky Wheel to land on the mystery reward section instead to get yourself some new wheels.

Enus Windsor Drop GTARockstar Games
The current Podium vehicle is available until June 30.

Full GTA 5 Online Casino Lucky Wheel mystery prize list (vehicles)

The Podium Vehicle isn’t a mystery reward, though, and as such, isn’t the only method of nabbing yourself a new ride. Mystery prizes can also land you one.

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Those looking to fill up their in-game garages with all of the available Lucky Wheel vehicle prizes are going to have to grind their way through over 100 prizes that range from bicycles to cars, motorcycles, and different aircraft.

We’ve put together a list of all the awesome prizes you can currently get your hands on. As more are potentially added, we’ll update this table accordingly:

0-C D-I I-P R-V V-Z
9F Defiler Intruder Rapid GT Voltic
Akuma Diabolus Issi Rat-Truck Voodoo
Alpha Dodo Issi Classic Redwood Gauntlet Washington
Bagger Dominator Jackal Rhapsody XLS
Baller Double T JB700 Rocket Voltic Zion Cabrio
Banshee Dukes Jester Ruffian Zombie Bobber
Bati 801 Enduro Jester (Racecar) Ruiner ???
Bati 801RR Esskey Jetmax Ruston ???
BF Injection??? Exemplar Kalahari Sabre Turbo ???
BF400 F620 Kamacho Sanchez ???
Bifta Faction Kuruma Sanchez Livery ???
Blade Fagaloa Lost Slamvan Schafter ???
Blazer Faggio Mammatus Schafter V12 ???
Blista Compact Faggio Sport Manchez Scorcher ???
BMX FCR 1000 Marquis Seashark ???
Brioso Felon Massacro Serrano ???
Buccaneer Felon GT Massacro (Racecar) Slamvan ???
Buffalo Feltzer Merryweather Mesa Squalo ???
Bullet FQ2 Minivan Stallion ???
Burger Shot Stallion Fugitive Monroe Street Blazer ???
Carbon RS Furore GT Moonbeam Stunt ???
Carbonizzare Futo Nemesis Sultan ???
Cheburek Gauntlet Nightblade Super Diamond ???
Chino Glendale Oracle XS Surano ???
Cognoscenti Grotti Turismo R Panto Tampa ???
Cognoscenti Cabrio Hakuchou Patriot Tornado ???
Comet Heist Dinghy PCJ-600 Tornado Rat Rod ???
Convertible 9F Hexer Penumbra Toros ???
Convertible Rapid GT Hot Rod Blazer Picador Tri-Cycles Race Bike ???
Coquette Hotknife Pigalle Vacca ???
Coquette Classic Impaler Pißwasser Dominator Velum ???
Cruiser Infernus Prairie Virgo ???
Cuban 800 Infernus Classic Primo Virgo Classic ???

(Source: Pastebin)

Dodo aircraft GTA OnlineRockstar Games
There might be some amazing supercars to be won at the GTA Online Casino, but we all know you want a Dodo from this list!

As noted earlier, players only have one opportunity to spin the Lucky Wheel every real-life 24 hours. This means you’ll want to log in once per day, especially if you wish to have the best chances of securing the latest podium car.

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However, if you’re looking to earn some quick cash in GTA online, then there are a few tips and tricks you can follow.

GTA Online chipsRockstar Games
GTA Online players will need as many chips as they can find to win big in the casino games.

The GTA Online Casino is one of the best places to earn lots of money, but you’ll need to get your hands on plenty of chips to play at the tables. Fortunately, our comprehensive Diamond Casino guide will help you along the way.

You might not be able to buy more spins on the Lucky Wheel, but with the right tactics in the casino games, you could be well on your way to making enough money to buy anything from this list without relying on chance.

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So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about the casino Lucky Wheel mystery prize in GTA Online.

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