How to skip GTA Online’s long loading times

Connor Bennett

Grand Theft Auto Online fans have got a nifty trick that allows them to cut through the game’s incredibly long loading screens and drop right into a solo public lobby. 

Though it is almost a decade old, Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online are still going strong. Players from console and PC still flock to the virtual streets of Los Santos in the hopes of striking it rich.

However, as anyone who has played GTA V knows, it takes an age and a half to load. Though there are tricks to get around some of the wait times, more often than not, you’re going to have to sit and watch a number of loading screens.

Yet, if you’re searching for a GTA Online lobby and want to get away from looking at those clouds by dripping into a solo public session, some players have found a nifty trick that actually seems to work.

GTA Online is still going strong after all these years.

How to skip GTA Online’s loading screens

The clever method was brought up by Reddit user Ryguy24452, who noted that if you want to get away from looking at the clouds, you should use the trick that lets you enter a solo public session. 

This, if you don’t already know, revolves around disconnecting yourself from the internet as the game begins its search – either by shutting down the connection to your router or changing the MTU value in your router settings

By doing this, the Redditor claims, GTA Online’s lengthy search process will come to a quick end and you’ll be dropped into the streets of Los Santos all by yourself.

  1. Search for a GTA Online session
  2. Disconnect yourself from the internet as the search begins
  3. Quickly reconnect before the game can register that you’ve gone offline
  4. Wait a few seconds and you should cut through the long loading time

Obviously, you’ll need to be quick off the mark to make sure that your connection is set back up before you’re given an offline message in GTA Online.

That could be a death knell to your hopes of quickly finding a game as you’ll have to wait for everything to get reconnected – and that can take longer than the normal load times.