Everything we know about Project 007: Trailers, leaks, platforms & storyline

James Bond gameIO Interactive

IO Interactive, developer and publisher of the legendary Hitman franchise, is working on a new James Bond title codenamed Project 007.

With the last significant James Bond game launching in 2012, it’s fair to say the IP is ready for a refresh and a brand new title to bring it back to life. Luckily for us, IO Interactive, developer of the Hitman games, has picked up the mantle and revealed they’re working on a Bond game codenamed Project 007.

IO Interactive released a teaser trailer for the title back in November of 2020 and it’s definitely got Bond fans extremely excited to jump into the game. 


Project 007 logoIO Interactive
Project 007 was revealed all the way back in November of 2020.

Is there a Project 007 release date?

As the game is still within its early stages of development, IO Interactive is yet to reveal a confirmed release date for Project 007. The studio is still even actively searching for new employees for the title.

No doubt the game studio will be looking to refresh the bond IP with a polished and impressive gameplay experience for players. To achieve that, the title will need a long-time in development, especially because now it will need to be made for the next-generation of consoles.

It’s obvious the studio has ambitious goals for this project as they’re planning on expanding their workforce of 200 employees to over 400 during the game’s development.

It’s unlikely we’ll see the game release until at least 2022 or perhaps more likely, 2023.  Players who are looking to keep up with all the latest development updates can sign up for a newsletter here on the game’s website.

Project 007 trailer

It’s fair to say that the teaser trailer released by IO Interactive back in November of 2020 didn’t reveal much about the game. It simply confirmed that the studio was indeed developing a bond game and successfully got fans of the studio extremely excited.

Although the teaser trailer doesn’t provide us with much information, hearing the bond theme is enough to get any fan of the old games hyped for the upcoming title’s release.

What is Project 007 about?

We don’t have many details about the narrative of Project 007 at this time as IO Interactive has remained silent since the release of the game’s teaser trailer.

Despite this, the studio has confirmed that the storyline of the title will be an original narrative, so don’t expect the game’s Bond to replicate a past actor from the films. 

“A completely original story”

This was also confirmed again in a recent podcast episode with IGN, when they spoke with IO Interactive CEO and co-owner, Hakan Abrak:”It’s very important that we could create a digital Bond. A Bond for the gaming industry… So it’s a completely original story.”

IO Interactive has made it very clear they’re invested in the Bond IP for the long-haul, in an interview with DR.dk, also Abrak revealed that he “could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of it.”

Project 007 logoIO Interactive
IO Interactive will be employing an extra 200 people to complete the project.


We’re expecting Project 007 to launch on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’s unlikely in two years’ time that game developers will still be releasing titles onto the previous generation of consoles, so the game will likely not be playable on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, it’s always possible the game is released as an exclusive title, but as IO Interactive hasn’t commented on the game’s platforms, it’s difficult to tell for now.

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