Knights of The Old Republic remake: Platforms, announcement trailer & everything we know

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One of the most beloved Star Wars titles of the 2000s, Knights of the Old Republic, is finally getting a remake on the PS5 after years of speculation. Here’s everything we know so far, from whether it’ll release on other platforms to the announcement trailer.

Sony’s PlayStation showcase back in September 2021 lifted the lid on a number of huge announcements, including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine.

One of the first major announcements that were made during the show was a long-awaited remake that fans have been asking for over the last several years.

Here’s everything we know about The Knights of The Old Republic remake for the PlayStation 5.


An image of the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake logo
Knights of the Old Republic is returning.

Is there a Knights of The Old Republic PS5 Remake release date?

Sadly, it appears the KOTOR remake release is quite some way off. As recently as 2021, developer Aspyr was hiring for positions seemingly for the project. Still, with such an iconic game to start from, it’s best the developer takes its time.

In the meantime, the original game has been ported to new platforms, including mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Will Knights of The Old Republic be available on other platforms?

The Knights of the Old Republic remake will be PS5 exclusive at launch. While we don’t know if or when it’ll come to platforms such as the Xbox Series S|X or PC in the future, we’d be surprised — especially since the original was an Xbox exclusive when it launched.

Knights of The Old Republic PS5 remake announcement trailer

Sony and Aspyr surprised us all with the reveal of a Knights of the Old Republic remake trailer to kick off the PlayStation Showcase back in September 2021.

The original KOTOR was released back in 2003 and has since maintained popularity due to nostalgia and the deep impact of its cast of characters. Check out the announcement trailer below:

What do we know about Knights of The Old Republic PS5 remake features?

So, what’ll change in the remake? For one, it appears the game’s pseudo-turn-based combat will be much more action-oriented.

That news comes from YouTube creator MrMattyPlays, who claims sources have told him that the game is taking inspiration from the likes of God Of War and Nioh 2. This matches with job listings from Aspyr looking for a Combat Designer and an AI engineer.

So, there you have it – that’s everything we know about the Knights of The Old Republic remake so far.

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