KOTOR remake may be delayed into 2025, insider says

Josh Tyler
KOTOR Remake

After speculation as to how long the game would be delayed, an insider reports that the KOTOR remake could be delayed into 2025.

Star Wars fans were thrilled with news that the beloved game Knights of the Old Republic was set for a remake.

The original, released back in 2003, has been dormant as three generations of consoles have come and gone, so a remake for the current console generation filled fans with optimism.

However, problems with the game’s development led to the game being delayed indefinitely as of late July.

On August 18, however, there were rumblings that a new team was being shifted onto the project from developer Aspyr Media. This led to speculation that the delay might not be lengthy and there might be a chance the game still releases in 2022 or 2023 as originally believed.

However, gaming insider Jason Schreier threw doubts on that wishful thinking.

In a quote retweet of a PC Gamer report, Schreier responded to the report by saying “The Knights of the Old Republic remake is absolutely not coming this year.”

He proceeded to double-down on this proclamation, betting another Twitter user $10,000 that the game would not release this year.

Putting the final dagger in the Mandalorian armor, though, was a reply to another fan in which Schreier said that a 2024 release of the game was “wishful thinking.”

That would put a KOTOR release at 2025 at the earliest, which does align with the original report from Schreier and Bloomberg back in late July.

Ultimately, however, the status of the KOTOR remake is still unknown and the current status is that the game is delayed indefinitely. Until developer Aspyr provide an update, fans should take any reports with a grain of salt.