How to repair tools & weapons in Valheim

valheim how to repair tools with workbenchIron Gate Studio

Repairing tools in Valheim is a pretty easy task, but only if you have a workbench. Here’s a rundown of how to repair items and weapons in Valheim. 

As you traverse the icy fjords and treacherous forests of Iron Gate Studio’s survival title, Valheim, you’re likely to encounter some fearsome creatures along the way.

Whether you’re having a hard time taming boar or, instead, are determined to take down the game’s powerful bosses one by one, you’ll find that your gear needs to be repaired relatively frequently.

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So, here’s how to repair tools and weapons in Valheim so that you can get back to slaying the horrors hellbent on destroying your settlement.


valheim the elder bossIron Gate Studio
Creatures like The Elder will truly test your mettle – and your item’s durability.

How to repair tools & weapons in Valheim

Thankfully, Valheim does not charge players for repairs, so you won’t have to waste time spamming in cheats and console codes in order to solve your financial issues. Instead, all you’ll need is a workbench.

In order to repair your tools, weapons & items in Valheim:

  1. Ensure that the damaged items are in your inventory.
  2. Approach your workbench and interact with it.
  3. On the ‘Workbench‘ menu that pops up, hover over the damaged item until a small hammer icon appears next to it.
  4. Click the hammer to repair the specified tool.
  5. Continue this until all items are repaired.
valheim workbench for repairing toolsIron Gate Studio
If you want to repair your kit, a workbench is essential.

How to craft a workbench in Valheim

Sure, all of this is pretty great, but if you don’t have a workbench in your base you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. The solution is pretty easy though: build one yourself.

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In order to craft a workbench, you’ll need 10 wood. They can be crafted via the Crafting Menu, keybound to the Right Mouse Button. From here, you’ll have to craft a roof in order to use it.

So that’s how to repair tools in Valheim, as well as how to whip up a quick workbench. Determined to etch your name into Norse legend? Here’s a list of all our Valheim guides:

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