How to get Valheim pickaxes and how to use them

Valheim Iron Gate AB

Getting a pickaxe in Valheim should be a top priority for any player looking to increase their crafting potential. However, getting this rock-breaking item can be a little tricky. 

Unlike most crafting games, Valheim doesn’t make acquiring a pickaxe that easy. In fact, you’ll need to play for a few hours before you can even acquire one. However, once you have a pickaxe, you’ll be able to farm ores that you can then use to craft various equipment. Not only does the humble pickaxe enable you to forge armor and deadly weapons, it can also clear rocks, and also be used to adjust the terrain. 

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This makes the pickaxe incredibly important to your progress in Valheim, particularly if you wish to craft the game’s best gear. By following our handy guide, you’ll soon be getting your hands on Valheim’s Copper, Tin, Iron, and Silver ores. 

How to get a pickaxe in Valheim

Antler Pickaxe Iron Gate AB
The Antler Pickaxe is a vital tool to your survival in Valheim.

In order to get a pickaxe in Valheim, you’ll first need to defeat the game’s first boss Eikthyr, and loot the Hard antler it drops. While this gigantic deer is can be defeated with basic items like the Wood shield and Flint spear, you’ll still need to come prepared. 

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It’s often best to pack plenty of food just in case you happen to get hit by Eikthyr melee lunges and AoE lightning attacks. Once you’ve defeated Eikthyr, you’ll be able to craft the Antler Pickaxe at a Workbench.

How to farm Eikthyr

If you wish to farm Eikthyr, simply do the following: 

  1. Head over to the Mystical altar in the meadow biome.
  2. Offer 2x Deer Trophies.

How to craft a Workbench in Valheim

Valheim Iron Gate AB
You’ll first need to craft a Workbench before you can begin mining.

Before you can craft Valheim’s Antler Pickaxe, Bronze Pickaxe, and Iron Pickaxe, you’ll first need to set up a Workbench. Fortunately, this is incredibly easy to do. Simply use the workbench recipe below and palace it under a roof to begin crafting.

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Valheim Workbench recipe

  1. Wood x10.
  2. Select your hammer.
  3. Press [F] and switch to the Crafting tab.
  4. Use Q/E to cycle over to the Workbench.
  5. Press LMB to place the Workbench down.

How to craft a Pickaxe in Valheim

Valheim workbench Iron Gate AB
Crafting Valheim’s Pickaxes is pretty simple, provide you have the materials.

There are multiple Pickaxes that can be crafted in Valheim. You’ll need to get your hand’s on the game’s best Pickaxes if you wish to mine the best ores. Below you will find all the recipes for every Pickaxe in Valheim.

Antler Pickaxe recipe

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Hard antler

Bronze Pickaxe recipe

  • 1x Core wood
  • 5x Bronze ingot

Iron Pickaxe recipe

  • Core Wood x3
  • Iron x20

How to use a Pickaxe in Valheim

Using a Pickaxe in Valheim is incredibly easy. Simply equip it and walk up to any rock and begin chipping away. Just remember that each Pickaxe has its own durability and will need to be repaired when it breaks.

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Pickaxes like the Antler Pickaxe have a durability of 100, while the Bronze Pickaxe adds an additional 20 durability. You’ll also need to craft the Bronze and Iron Pickaxe if you wish to gain access to higher rarity ores.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Valheim’s Pickaxes and how you can both obtain and craft them. For more Valheim guides, be sure to stay right here on Dexerto.

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