How to tame boars in Valheim

Lauren Bergin
valheim boar in a green field looking at camera

Wondering how to tame boars in Valheim? Here’s a rundown of how to befriend these deceptively powerful beasts in order to breed them. 

As your community continues to expand in the Norse-inspired vistas of Valheim, you’ll need to be prepared to seek out new ways of keeping them afloat.

Despite hunting and gathering initially reigning supreme, Iron Gate Studio’s survival title will force you to evolve as the world around you does, introducing you to the idea of breeding animals for food and resources.

One of the most valuable animals to add to your collection is the boar, whose fearsome tusks and aggressive nature make them pretty hard to catch. So, if you’ve been asking yourself how to tame boar in Valheim, look no further – we’ve broken down everything you need to know.


Valheim boar stands in a green field with the camera to its side
Despite giving us dancing Shiba Inu vibes, boars are a lot less friendly.

How to tame boars in Valheim

Despite their adorable little tusks and cute snorts, Valheim’s boar population is not to be messed with.

Their fiery temper means that you’ll have to be cautious when trying to offer the olive branch, so here are our main tips for trying to tame boars:

  1. Build a pen for your boar and ensure there is only one gate.
    • We suggest doing this in the Meadows due to the high boar spawn rate.
  2. Aggro a boar, but be sure to remain relatively close so that you don’t lose it.
  3. Lure it into the pen.
  4. Sneak out the gate and shut it.
  5. Throw the boar some berries, mushrooms, and carrots.
    • As the animal is aggressive it will try to attack, so toss it some grub and then back away. This will allow the boar to calm down and it will start to eat.
  6. Continue to do this until the yellow “acclimating” bar gets to 100%.
  7. Then, the bar will show the boar as “tamed.”
Valheim boar walking up mountain in darkness
Now that you have tamed one of the Meadows’ resident menace, get another so you can breed them!

How to breed boars in Valheim

While you may be taming your boar just so that you can have a snorting accomplice in crime, you’re likely doing so because you want to breed them and acquire some mischievous little piglets.

In order to breed boars in Valheim:

  1. Get two bores – it takes two to tango after all.
  2. Both bores need to be fed enough to obtain “happy” status, and not “hungry,” so keep them well fed.
  3. When both animals are happy, they will breed together to produce a piggy.

So that’s how to tame and breed boars in Valheim! Looking to make the Gods proud? Here are a few more handy guides to help you out:
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