All Valheim bosses & how to summon them: From Moder to Bonemass to The Elder

valheim boss moder using frost breathIron Gate Studio

Looking for info on Valheim’s bosses? Here’s a list of all of the game’s fiercest foes in order, as well as how to summon them and, most importantly, what loot you’ll get for slaying them. 

Despite its idyllic Nordic-inspired setting, Iron Gate Studio’s survival game, Valheim, is all about doing just that – surviving.

Forcing you to tame boar and go fishing for supplies and resources, the lush emerald groves and icy fjords aren’t to be taken lightly.

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Danger lurks in every corner, including the mysterious bosses, the game’s most powerful enemies. Here’s a list of every Valheim boss and how to summon them, as well as their attributes and, of course, what treasures they’ll drop when you send them back to the depths.


valheim villageIron Gate Studio
Peace and tranquility may not last long if these five have a say in the matter.

All Valheim bosses in order & how to summon them

Valheim has five bosses in total, each of which drop unique items. They require a few prerequisites to summon them, though, so don’t waste time running around looking for them if you don’t have the specific totems required.

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Additionally, every boss drops a unique power for your character to use. These are called Forsaken Powers, which activate once you’ve hung the boss’ trophy on its sacrificial stone. They last for 5 minutes, have a 2o second cooldown, and can be used one at a time by clicking ‘F‘.

Each boss is listed below in the order that you encounter them, alongside how to summon them at their respective location.


valheim boss eikthyr charges at playerIron Gate Studio
This ain’t no Santa’s reindeer, that’s for sure.
  • Location: Meadows Biome
    • Go to Eikthyr’s Sacrifical stone, then look to the left at the glowing runestone (Vegvisir). Touch this and Eikthyr’s nearest summon location will be marked on your map. Then, head to the Altar.
  • Summoning: Two Deer trophies (drop randomly from deer.)

Just as you can imagine given the items you need to summon it, Eikthyr is a large stag whose entire kit centers around electrical magic. It has 500HP, and three different attacks:

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Attack Damage Counter
Melee charge 20 Pierce, 1000 Chop, 1000 Pickaxe Block with wood shield
Ranged Lightning attack 15 Lightning Block with wood shield
AoE Lightning Attack 15 Lightning Block with wood shield

Once you’ve defeated the king of the forest, you’ll receive an Eikthyr Trophy, 3 Hard Antlers and Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power. This reduces the stamina cost of running and jumping by 60%.

The Elder

Valheim boss the elderIron Gate Studio
We wouldn’t want to snap a twig in front of this guy…
  • Location: Black Forst Biome
    • Visit Burial Grounds and stone structures to find the Runestone.
  • Summoning: Obtain three ancient tree seeds and burn them at his Altar (dropped by Greydwarf Brutes, Greydwarf Nests, and Chests)

This fearsone tree-creature looks like Slenderman on steroids, and he’s really not pleased that you’re causing chaos in his forest. He has 2,500HP, and three different attacks:

Attack Damage Counter
Melee stomp 60 Blunt, 1000 Chop, 1000 Pickaxe damage Block using a fully upgraded Bronze Buckler, or roll out of the way.
Ranged vines 35 Pierce, 20 Chop, 20 Pickaxe per hit Hide behind the four pillars in the arena, The Elder will not attack them.
Summons roots N/A Avoid them until they despawn.

Taking down this terrifying tree demon will net you an Elder trophy, one swamp key per player, and the Elder’s Power. This allows the player to deal 60% more damage to trees using an ax.

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valheim boss bonemassIron Gate Studio
We’re getting some Ghostbusters vibes from this big guy.
  • Location: Swamp Biome
    • Visit the Sunken Crypts or Stone Tower and touch the runestone there.
  • Summoning: Place 10 Withered Bones at his alter (found in Muddy Scrap Piles and Sunken Crypts.)

Straight out of the swamp and ready to swallow you whole, Bonemass is a pretty unattractive-looking beast. Sporting 5000HP, this big guy may give you a run for your money if you aren’t careful:

Attack  Damage Counter
Melee swipe 80 Blunt, 30 Poison to players, 1000 chop, 1000 pickaxe to trees Sprint out of range, roll or parry.
Poison AoE cloud 100 Poison Run as soon as Bonemass looks like it’s about to sneeze.
Summons minions 4 minions, max eight of each creature Destroy the blob before Bonemass throws it using ranged weapons, or kite enemies back and take them out.

Defeating this particularly nasty hunk of gunk will earn you a Bonemass Trophy, a Wishbone, and Bonemass’ Forsaken Power. The latter provides a large level of physical resistance for five minutes.


valheim moder boss dragonIron Gate Studio
This spectacular dragoness packs will leave her prey frozen in terror.
  • Location: Mountain Biome
    • Head to a high elevation area and look for ruined stone structures in order to find her Runestone.
  • Summoning: Obtain three dragon eggs and place them in the bowls at her altar (found in nests) – note that the most you can carry is two at a time.

As beautiful as she is deadly, the dragon queen of the mountains, Moder, is a particularly fearsome foe. With a healthy 7,500HP, she has a range of combat abilities that will have you wishing you’d stayed home by the fire. Additionally, she can shift between being grounded or flying:

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Attack  Damage Counter
Melee swipe or bite 110 Slash, 1000 Chop, 1000 Pickaxe Attack from afar using ranged weapons (Obsidian arrows are best), or block using a Silver Shield
Frost breath (cone shaped, medium range) 200 Frost, 200 Chop, 200 Pickaxe Attack from afar using ranged weapons (Obsidian arrows are best)
Barrage of icicles (cone shaped) 30 Piece, 200 Frost, 200 Chop, 200 Pickaxe Run, dodge, or create pillars to block

Bringing the queen of the skies hurtling back down to earth will net you the Moder Trophy, 10 Dragon Tears and Moder’s Power. This grants you a tailwind when sailing.


valheim boss yagluthIron Gate Studio
Yagluth is the game’s final boss, but he packs quite the punch.
  • Location: Plains Biome
    • His runestone is located near standing stones.
  • Summoning: Place five Fuling Totems at his sacrificial alter (found in Fuling Village and dropped by Fuling Berserkers) and read the red tablet.

Last but by no means least is the particularly creepy Yagluth, a goblin creature whose bottom half is skeletal but top half still has flesh. The toughest boss with 10,000HP, you’d better be ready for the fight of your lives, but thankfully he’s pretty slow. Additionally, be sure to chug the Fire Resistance Barley Wine before you take him on, as this will keep you safe from a lot of his damage.

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Attack  Damage Counter
Melee explosion (fist glows blue) 65 Fire (fire remains in the area after attack completes), 65 Lightning, 100 Chop, 100 Pickaxe Dodge backward using a roll to get out of the explosion radius.
AoE Meteors (fist glows red) 40 Blunt, 120 Fire, 50 Chop, 50 Pickaxe Outrun or use stone pillars as cover. Also, if fighting him melee, his head will act as cover.
Fire breath 40 Fire, 20 Lightning, 50 Chop, 50 Pickaxe over multiple hits Dodge to either side or use stone pillars for cover. Also, ensure that you drink the

Sending this skeleton back to the depths will reward you with a Yagluth Trophy, 3 Yagluth Things (which currently has no use), and Yagluth’s Power. This increases your resistance to fire and lightning damage by around 50 – 75%.

So that’s all of Valheim’s bosses, as well as how to summon them and what items they drop. Looking to take down these fearsome foes? Here are a few handy guides to help you out:

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