Valheim items list: Valheim Guck, Wishbone, trader seed, more

Valheim items Iron Gate AB

Valheim’s Viking-filled world is brimming with all kinds of items and rare treasures, but knowing where to find key crafting components can prove difficult. 

Just like most survival games, Valheim features loads of items for players to collect and craft with. From goopy Guck to wonderful wishbones, there are countless materials scattered around each of Valheim’s biomes. If you wish to survive against the game’s deadly bosses and become the best battle-hardened Viking, then you’ll need to get your hands on the best gear. 

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Whether you’re looking to craft Valheim’s Pickaxes or just want to build the strongest base, the game’s materials will enable you to do just that. Of course, knowing where to find every Valheim item can take a while, so if you’re tired of scrolling through the game’s wiki, then check out our item list. 

Valheim items list

Valheim items Iron Gate AB
You’ll need to harvest a lot of items if you wish to craft the best gear.

While locating common items like wood and leather are incredibly easy to find, there are a number of items that are a little more elusive. There’s nothing worse than trudging through Valheim’s vast biomes in order to find that one specific item. This is particularly true when you have just started up your Viking adventure. 

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After all, Valheim is at its best when you’re busy adding new additions to your base or fighting the game’s mythical bosses. In order to stop any tiresome treks, we’ve outlined a number of the game’s most searched for items. 

Valheim Guck


Description: “It smells like fermented fish.”

Location: Guck can found in Gucksacks in the Swamp biome. They are located on trees and give off a green glow.

Usage: Used to brew Meads and can stop the poison status effect. 

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Valheim Wishbone


Location: The Wishbone is dropped by Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim. The Bonemass boss is found in Valheim’s Swamp. 

Usage: When activated, it allows the user to find nearby treasures.

Valheim Trader Seed

Valheim trader

While Valheim’s world seeds aren’t exactly an item, they do enable you to use other players’ biomes. Many Valheim Vikings have struggled to find Haldor, the game’s NPC trader. Haldor found in the Black Forest biome, but he doesn’t always appear there. 

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Fortunately, one helpful Reddit user has helped alleviate this issue. Simply enter the seed code below and use the map to locate Haldor.

Valheim Trader Seed: 42069lolxd

Valheim Silver ore

Silver ore

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Location: Silver ore can be found in mountainous regions and is located using the game’s Wishbone item. The Wishbone will glow green, indicating that a Silver ore deposit is below you. Simply begin digging with your Pickaxe to claim your prize.

Usage: Silver sword, Silver Arrows, Silver shield, Lox Cape, Fang spear, Drake helmet, Wolf armor chest, Wolf armor legs, Wolf fur cape, and Frostner.

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Valheim Flax


Location: This plant can be found around Fuling camps and can also be grown in the Plains biome. 

Usage: Can be placed in the Spinning Wheel and turned into linen. 

Valheim Ymir flesh

Ymir Flesh

Location: These fleshy remains can be purchased from Haldor for 120 coins. Haldor is located in the Black Forest biome.

Usage: Five pieces of Ymir flesh are needed to make the one-handed Frostner Hammer. 

Valheim Black Metal

Black metal

Description: “A twisted hunk of dark metal.”

Location: Black Metal Scrap can be found in the Plains and is dropped by Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling Shamans. 

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Usage: Can be smelted into Black Metal bars via the Blast Furnace. The bars can then be used to create Blackmetal weapons and shields. 

Valheim Obsidian


Location: Obsidian ore can be found from mining the rocky outcrops in the Mountains. 

Usage:  Used to craft Obsidian Arrows, Frost Arrows, and Poison Arrows.

So, there you have it, a list of the most useful Valheim items and where you can find them. Make sure you follow Dexerto for more Valheim guides and updates.

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