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Valheim’s trader can be pretty elusive, but here’s some seeds and strategies for finding him, as well as a rundown of what items he buys and sells.

As you progress through the Nordic-inspired vistas of Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim, you’ll need plenty trinkets to help you on your way.

One of these is the fishing rod, which becomes an essential during the late game as you learn how to fish and cook yourself some all-important fish wraps.

In order to buy yourself a rod, you’ll need to find Valheim’s Trader, a mysterious creature called Haldor the Merchant. To save you some time trying to locate him, here’s a few different ways to track down the man himself.


Valheim character fishing
If you’re looking to catch some big ones, you’ll need to stop off at the Trader first.

Where to find Valheim’s trader: locations

While Haldor will always be located in the Black Forest Biome, he appears completely at random. Hunting him down can be like looking for a dwarf in a haystack, but luckily there are two strategies that’ll make finding him a lot easier.

Both of these involve the use of world seeds. You will have to start a new world with option 1, whereas option 2 can be used in your current one:

  1. 42069lolxd This seed will give you a path to the Trader when you start a new world. As soon as you get to the Black Forest biome, continue South down the coast and you’ll notice his symbol (a little coin purse) appear on the map.
    • Players can use this to server hop, buy items, then travel back.
  2. Valheim World Generation – Using the Valheim World Generator and plugging in your world seed code, you’ll be able to reveal the entire map. Of course, this does come with a lot of spoilers, so use it at your own discretion!

It’s also worth dropping a portal by his camp once you’ve eventually found him for easy access to and from.

Valheim player visits trader camp haldor
Haldor and his trusty pet Lox, Halstein, are a pretty difficult duo to find!

What does Valheim’s trader sell? Fishing rod, bait & more

While the Trader doesn’t exactly have a department store in his back pocket, he does have some of the game’s most important items.

Below are all of the trinkets you can pick up on your visit to his little bubble, as well as how much they cost and what they do.

Item Cost (Coins) Description
Dverger circlet 620 Provides light in front of you.
Fishing Bait x50 10 Used to catch fish
Fishing Rod 350 Used to catch fish
Megingjord 950 Increases inventory carry weight limit to 150.
Thunder Stone 50 Used to build an Obliterator which, in turn, makes coal.
Ymir Flesh 120 Crafting material needed for high level equipment.
Yule Hat 100 Festive headpiece.

What does Valheim’s trader buy?

While he might not sell the game’s flashiest items, Haldor sure likes to buy all things shiny. From rubies to silver, this cheeky little guy has a taste for the finer things in life.

Item Sell price for one (Coins) Sell price for a stack (Coins)
Amber 5 100
Amber Pearl 10 500
Ruby 20 400
Silver Necklace 30 600

So that’s everything you need to know about Valheim’s trusty trader, Haldor. Looking to carve your civilization into the annals of history? Here’s a list of all of our Valheim guides:

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