How to fish in Valheim

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Wondering how to fish in Valheim? Here’s everything you need to know to net yourself aquatic goodies, as well as how to get a fishing rod. 

Valheim’s survival universe forces players to fend for themselves in a harsh Nordic-inspired landscape that’s just teeming with danger.

As your settlement continues to grow, though, you’ll need to take stock of your responsibilities as a leader. From taming boar to befriending wolves, you’ll quickly realize that the flora and fauna around you are key to maintaining a healthy community.

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A huge part of this is fishing, which requires players to obtain a fishing rod and ensure that these slippery little creatures don’t wiggle their way out of their hands. So, here’s how to fish in Valheim.


Large dragon raises head and roars in waterIron Gate Studio
Sure, we all want to catch some big fish, but maybe not that big…

Where to buy a fishing rod in Valheim

While you can scoop up some less fortunate critters on the seashore after a storm, the best way to catch fish is, of course, with a rod.

Bows and spears do not damage the fish, and they need to be on land for you to pick them up, meaning trying to grab them straight out of the water also isn’t going to work.

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In order to buy a fishing rod in Valheim:

  1. Find Haldor the Merchant in the Black Forest biome.
    • His location is randomized, so there’s a bit of searching involved.
  2. Buy the Fishing Rod for 300 coins.
  3. Also, buy bait for 10 coins per 50 bait.
valheim viking fishing in a crystal blue pondIron Gate Studio
Fishing may look easy, but it can quickly become pretty frustrating.

How to fish in Valheim

On the outside fishing may look pretty easy, but these slippery little guys have a habit of being pretty hard to pin down.

In order to fish:

  1. Go to a body of water.
  2. Use the attack button (defaulted to left mouse) to cast your line.
    • Holding attack will charge the rod and throw it further.
  3. When the bobber disappears underwater, a fish has latched onto it. Hold the block button (defaulted to right mouse) to reel it in.
  4. Click the use button to pick up the fish.

All of this requires stamina, so be sure not to waste too much of it! Also, fish will flee if you are too loud, so be sure to keep your presence on the down-low.

If you catch the entire population of a pool, be sure to rotate to another and then come back, as the fish will respawn.

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Valhiem player fishes with a long rod in waterIron Gate Studio
While fishing can be pretty relaxing, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Valheim: Fish types

While you may have some issues snagging the serpent seen in the first picture, you will easily be able to collect three different types of fish:

Fish Resources
Small Fish (Perch) 1 raw fish
Medium Fish (Pike) 2 raw fish
Large Fish (Tuna) 4 raw fish

You can use these to cook the basic ‘cooked fish,’ but they’re much better being made into fish wraps, which are great for helping you maintain your stamina in the late game. They require four barley flour & two cooked fish, so be sure to get that rod out!

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So that’s everything you need to know about fishing in Valheim!

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