Fastest ways to earn XP in EA Sports PGA Tour

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EA Sports PGA Tour uses XP as part of its RPG elements, and if securing a bunch of it very quickly to boost your golfer is the goal, then our guide will give you the fastest ways to secure it. Here’s what you need to know.

From the get-go, you can create your own golfer in EA Sports PGA Tour and they have a ton of different characteristics for you to upgrade. The system allows you to focus on the core fundamentals of golf: Power, driving, approach play, short game, and putting.

Our final interview with the devs confirmed that you can’t fully max out any golfer, so you’ll have to be picky about which areas you focus on in the game.

The challenge of EA Sports PGA Tour is very quickly apparent, so if you want to earn XP and level up your stats as fast as possible to make it easier. So, here’s what you need to know.

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If you’re new to the game or even if you feel like you’ve become quite well-versed in the world of EA Sports PGA Tour, Coach Academy Challenges are useful in more ways than one.

You can learn and master some of the game’s basic concepts and features using these challenges, helping to improve your overall ability. Not only that, but completing challenges will reward you with useful rewards – more specifically XP.

There are tons of them to complete, so just spend a bit of time with them and claim your XP goodies for doing so.

Not only that, but Sponsorships, Spotlights & Tournament challenges all offer XP for putting some time and effort into the objectives.

Complete full rounds, not quick rounds

EA Sports PGA Tour’s Career Mode is where players will spend the bulk of their time. Tons of events, and many rounds to play, but that’s dependent on which round format you select.

Quick Rounds will cause the game to randomly select a few holes for players to play, leaving the result of the others to be simulated. However, if you want to maximize your XP gains, you need to be doing Full Rounds.

Completing 18 holes will reward you with a ton more XP and is far more beneficial than doing a handful of holes each round.

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Set up an easy, low-scoring round

This is going down the ‘grindy’ route, but if you really want to speed things up and get your created golfer to the heights of superstars like Scottie Scheffler or Patrick Cantlay, then you can manufacture rounds and conditions to reap more XP.

Pick a short course, choose the front-most tees, make the fairways firm and the greens soft, and change your settings to the easiest if needed. Rack up as many Birdies, Eagles, or better, score as many Fairways in Regulation and Greens in Regulation as possible, and this will generate a bigger XP bonus.

EA Sports PGA Tour Deluxe Edition gives XP

A quick and easy way of landing a monster amount of XP comes courtesy of the EA Sports PGA Tour Deluxe Edition as one of the Perks is a “PGA Tour XP bundle.”

If you’re happy to shell out a bit more money, then along with the full game, you’ll receive some accessory bundles, PGA Tour Points, and a big XP bundle to use as soon as the game is ready to play.

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