Does EA Sports PGA Tour have turn order?

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EA Sports PGA Tour allows players to play against one another in tense 1v1 online encounters. To enhance the experience and make it more immersive, does EA provide players with the ability to use turn order?

Turn order is a function we’ve seen in other sports titles that allows one player to take a turn while the other player watches the action unfold in real-time. Then the roles are reversed, allowing both players to alternate so all the action is watchable for both players.

EA Sports PGA Tour is the perfect product for this kind of gameplay feature as players can take turns exchanging golf shots to see who the eventual victor is.

With multiplayer being such a big component of EA Sports PGA Tour, it’s only natural to ask, does the game include turn order?

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Is turn order in EA Sports PGA Tour?

At the time of writing, it appears that EA have decided not to include turn order in EA Sports PGA Tour for an unknown reason.

If you’re looking to play an online match against a friend, then both of you will have to essentially play your own hole and not be allowed to give your full attention to your opponent’s shot. You will need to concentrate on your own individual performance and then evaluate how you both did at the end of the hole.

Now, EA have already made it clear in their first interview with us that a bunch of post-launch content will be coming to the game in terms of new courses, new Tour Pros, and even new gameplay features.

Crossplay is something that EA are looking at including later on down the line, so there’s every chance that the devs will also look to add turn order as well – especially if the demand is high enough.

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