What are Tickets in EA Sports PGA Tour?

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Tickets are a vital currency for players who yearn to become the best golfers in EA Sports PGA Tour. Here’s all the information you need about what they do and how to obtain them.

Once you get into the swing of things in EA Sports PGA Tour, the top-right portion of your screen will quickly become crowded with different numbers and symbols on the game’s home menu.

This will keep you afloat with your PGA Tour Points, upgrade points, and more valuable information tied to your level development, such as Tickets. So, here’s everything you need to know about this currency in the golf sim.


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What are Tickets used for in EA Sports PGA Tour?

Tickets are an obtainable currency in EA Sports PGA Tour that allow you to enter Weekly and Seasonal Tournaments in the online portion of the game.

These special Tournaments feature insane rewards and specs that will allow you to level up your pro in the game. However, while some might be free to enter, many of them have a different Ticket entry requirement.

How to earn Tickets in EA Sports PGA Tour

Players can follow two main methods to acquire Tickets in EA Sports PGA Tour: Using Reward Points to compete in Daily Tournaments and win them, or buying them using real money.

The easier of the two options is to obviously just outright buy them and save yourself the trouble of accumulating them. Understandably, lots of players won’t want to do that and the idea of microtransactions isn’t ideal.

So the primary tactic is to access the ‘Daily Tournaments’ section of the game, make sure you preview the rewards for each one and that should tell you which ones will reward Tickets.

You’ll need to rinse and repeat this method if you want regular entries into Ticket-offering tournaments though, but the rewards should more than suffice.

Ticket prices in EA Sports PGA Tour

Players can go the easy way and purchase Tickets from the Store using Reward Points (earned in-game) or PGA Tour Points (bought with real money). Here are the prices:

  • x1 Ticket: 1000 Reward Points / 100 PGA Tour Points
  • x5 Tickets: 5000 Reward Points / 450 PGA Tour Points
  • x10 Tickets: 10,000 Reward Points / 750 PGA Tour Points
  • x30 Tickets: 30,000 Reward Points / 2,000 PGA Tour Points

That’s all you need to know about Tickets in EA Sports PGA Tour. For more game information, check the guides below:

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