Everything we know about Peridot: Gameplay, platforms & how to pre-register


Niantic have announced Peridot, a brand new AR mobile game that lets players raise and breed one-of-a-kind pets. Here’s everything we know so far about gameplay and release.

Following on from previous augmented reality games Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom, Niantic are preparing to release a brand new original franchise called Peridot, which brings the joy of raising colorful pets called Peridots (or ‘Dots’) to your mobile phone.

Every player’s Peridot will be unique in both appearance and personality. When fully raised, they can breed with other Peridots to merge their DNA and create an entirely new creature – diversifying the species and helping them avoid extinction.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Niantic’s new game Peridot, including screenshots, gameplay details, and information on the planned release schedule.


Screenshots of Peridots gameplay

Is there a release date for Peridot?

The new game will receive a soft launch in select markets at some point in April 2022, although we don’t have confirmation of a specific date or which markets this will include yet.

As for the rest of the world, Niantic have confirmed that the new game will be made available in additional markets “as testing and iteration during soft launch continues”.

What platforms will Peridot be available on?

Niantic have confirmed that their new game is going to be available to download on iPhone and Android devices at launch through the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Gameplay details for Niantic’s new game Peridot

Screenshots of Peridots gameplay

The core gameplay of Peridot involves caring for your new pet and raising it from a baby to an adult, a little bit like an old-school Tamagotchi. To do this, you’ll need to train it, play with it, and make sure you meet its basic needs.

A desire system will tell you what your Peridot wants, whether that’s going for a walk or visiting a nearby point of interest. It may even want to eat a specific type of food, which you can find by taking your Dot outside to forage the ground.

Camera-based AR technology is essential to take part in the Peridot experience. For example, Peridots will recognize the surface they’re on and will react accordingly, like foraging kelp from water or prickly beets from the sand.

The ultimate goal is to breed your adult Dot with others to hatch new babies of various archetypes and populate the world. These archetypes range from Unicorn to Rabbit to Clownfish, with rare ones taking many generations to achieve.

How does breeding work in Peridot?

A screenshot showcasing breeding in Peridot

When your Peridot reaches adulthood (which we’ve been told should take around a few days for the average player), you can visit a Habitat at a real-world point of interest to start the breeding process with other adult Dots.

Breeding also requires Nests, which are items foraged around Habitats. They come in different rarities and can be used to alter various features, such as a ‘Cheetah Pattern Nest’ that will give your new baby Dot a cheetah pattern.

Once a new Peridot is born, you’ll release your existing adult into the Habitat. You can always check on how it’s doing through the menu that allows you to see previous pets, but your focus will now be on your new baby Dot.

How to pre-register for Peridot

You can pre-register your interest in Peridot by visiting the game’s official website and filling in your details.

When the game is released for your region, you’ll receive an email letting you know how to download it.

That’s everything we know about Peridot so far! We’ll keep this page updated when new details or release dates are announced, so check back soon.

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