Helldivers 2 players invent new enemy and its terrifying

Shane Black
Helldivers 2 large Terminid

Helldivers 2 players have an idea for a horrific new enemy that takes inspiration from a creepy Earth bug.

The Terminid faction of Helldivers 2 is known for its bug-like look and behavior. They’re so similar that the community refers to them as “bugs.”

Because of this, the players are making a connection that could really make a terrifying, new enemy to encounter. This new idea is floating around the Helldivers 2 subreddit, and it involves a new enemy based on Trapdoor Spiders.

These real-life creatures are known for camouflaging themselves in the ground, waiting for their prey to walk by, at which point they will jump out and pull them in to feast.

Helldivers 2 trapdoor spider

This enemy would function largely the same way that the Trapdoor Spiders do where they dig and camouflage holes in the ground, and wait until a player walks past them, at which point the creature would jump out to attack.

The appeal for many fans is that it adds another layer of fear for Terminid missions, which are largely viewed as the easier option compared to the Automaton ones. Plus, it adds more variety to the gameplay that offers some unique gameplay we haven’t seen in the game before.

It opens the door for teamwork, as well, by everyone choosing which teammate will have to wander close to the nests to lure the enemies out for the others to gun down. A situation like this could be a hilarious encounter as the bait has to move close, knowing what awaits them.

This is an idea the fans love and one person even thinks it could be taken further: “… What about some other variants that perhaps dont immediately kill the player but instead trap them and require rescuing from other players?”

There is already basis for an enemy like this in the game, with the Chargers being able to disguise themselves as rocks and other terrain on higher difficulties. This would take that idea even further by having pockets in the ground that people have to look out for.

It seems that the community is both terrified of this idea, but are also fully onboard with it. One user expresses this when they say, “This is a terrible idea and it must happen.”

Another player points to how the Automatons in Helldivers 2 have mines that are scattered around their maps, so this could be the Terminid equivalent.

There are certainly a lot of possibilities for more enemies to come to Helldivers 2, with plenty of ones from the first game yet to appear, but this original idea is turning some heads.

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