Does Atomic Heart have multiplayer or co-op?

Nathan Warby
Atomic Heart robot with logo

Atomic Heart is an ambitious FPS that transports players into a twisted alternate reality, but players might be wondering if they can slay hordes of psychotic robots with a friend. Here’s everything we know about multiplayer and co-op in Atomic Heart.

After a lengthy development cycle, Atomic Heart is finally set to arrive on February 21, 2023. The unique shooter sends us back in time to an alternate version of the 1955 Soviet Union.

Players will be greeted by thousands of killer robots to tear through with plenty of bizarre weapons and abilities. But can you experience the carnage of Atomic Heart with a friend? We’ve got everything you need to know Atomic Heart multiplayer and co-op.

Is there multiplayer in Atomic Heart?

player encountering an enemy in atomic heart

Sadly, there are no multiplayer or co-op features in Atomic Heart. Mundfish’s game will remain a single-player-only title for the foreseeable future, with the developers focused on delivering an engaging solo experience.

This may come as a disappointment to many players, as a multiplayer mode had been planned when Atomic Heart was first in production. However, Mundfish founder and Game Director Robert Bagratuni explained in a Q&A with Wccftech that online features were cut during the game’s long development.

“During the development process, we made the tough choice to abandon some ideas, even very big ones, like multiplayer. It was painful to have to make those kinds of choices, but it was the right decision,” Bagratuni explained. “You don’t have to chase trends when you create something new and innovative.”

It doesn’t even appear that multiplayer co-op will arrive down the line, as Atomic Heart is now being billed as a purely single-player title.

“The entire Atomic Heart experience will be single-player, focusing on the story and player experience,” Bagratuni confirmed. “No multiplayer add-ons are planned at this time.”

Although it seems that multiplayer isn’t on the cards in Atomic Heart, players will be hoping that online features from the developer’s original vision will arrive one day. Perhaps if the game finds a big enough audience, the idea of co-op or multiplayer will be revisited.

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