Does Atomic Heart have microtransactions?

atomic heart theme park locationMundfish

Atomic Heart is a unique first-person shooter set in an alternate timeline with powerful weapons and cool abilities, but will the title incorporate the use or practice of microtransactions at any point?

Mundfish have taken the plunge into the well of creativity and airlifted a fascinating-looking FPS in which Russia have developed breakthrough technology called Polymer, and in Atomic Heart, this substance can produce some incredible results.

A dual-wielding combination of firearms and almost magical powers immediately draws comparisons to other successful franchises such as Bioshock and Dishonored.

Its curious premise and promising gameplay aside, many potential consumers have been wondering if Atomic Heart will feature any kind of microtransactions, and we’ll answer that for you today.

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encounter with enemy robot in atomic heartMundfish

Will Atomic Heart have microtransactions?

In what is sure to be music to the ears of many, Mundfish’s Atomic Heart will have no kind of microtransactions to speak of, and in the words of the devs themselves, there will be: “no additional bells or whistles, period.”

Will Atomic Heart have DLC?

However, if Atomic Heart does indeed capture your heart, then you might be pleased to know that the devs will be extending the game with DLC at a later date.

Here’s a full statement that the devs told GameReactor: “Atomic Heart is a full-price, AAA single-player adventure with no additional bells and whistles, period. And of course, we are looking at how the industry is evolving, and there are some interesting trends that can be explored in the future. We’ll share DLC plans later, and we don’t have any thoughts on NFT at this moment.

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Atomic Heart is set to be a fairly lengthy adventure with a vast open world to explore, so this means there’s probably plenty of room left for the story to be expanded upon in the future.

Once we do find out more information about Atomic Heart and its proposed DLC then we’ll be sure to update you.

If you’re looking for more information on the game and want to more about this awe-inspiring world, then check out whether or not it will be available on Xbox Game Pass, as well as if it has any form of multiplayer.

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