Atomic Heart: All confirmed weapons

fight with atomic heart robot enemyMundfish

Atomic Heart looks to be arriving with a bang in 2023 thanks to its litany of devastating-looking guns and melee weapons. Here is every confirmed gun and melee weapon in Atomic Heart so far.

Outside of its bonkers enemies and genuinely intriguing setting and story, the crux of the gameplay for Atomic Heart is its varied weaponry that you’ll be able to use to take down rogue robots.

There’s a lot of creativity on show in Mundfish’s Atomic Heart, with players able to dual-wield wacky powers and innovative weaponry. To give you an insight into what the devs have been cooking up, let’s run through all the confirmed weapons and guns in the game so far.

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Atomic Heart guns confirmed so far


ak gun in atomic heartMundfish

First up, a classic weapon, the AK. It’s a staple of first-person shooter games – and Atomic Heart as it so happens. Typically a brute of an Assault Rifle, expect the AK to possess a heck of a kick, but in return, you’ll get a bludgeoning AR that will cause some serious damage to evil robots and enemies.


railgun weapon in atomic heartMundfish

Throughout history, Railguns have been considered one of the most powerful weapons in any game, ever. Atomic Heart has one, and the devs have given a rundown of what to expect from it: “A railgun powered by pure electromagnetic energy without the use of a projectile allows for the capability to instantly split almost any target in a given mass range. The damage from such a weapon turned out to be so great that many countries sent their advanced armor protection technologies for revision.”

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kuzmitch gun in atomic heartMundfish

The Kuzmitch looks like a bizarre mismatch of parts to form an intimidating-looking gun. While we don’t know anything too official about its class or the type of damage it can do, we imagine that Atomic Heart players will have a fairly ranged weapon to utilize thanks to its scope.

Every other confirmed Atomic Heart gun

Mundfish have only officially revealed a handful of Atomic Heart’s guns so far, thanks to the game’s website and pre-release material so far, but we do know the names of a bunch of others that we can expect to see in the full release:

  • Dominator
  • Electro
  • Fat Boy
  • Kalash
  • PM
  • Shotgun
  • Snowball

Atomic Heart melee weapons confirmed so far


fox melee weapon in atomic heartMundfish

The Fox possesses a mean-looking jagged edge running all the way down its main side and looks like it’ll be fairly mobile to swing around. Curiously, it looks like the Fox is also infused with some kind of substance that could also charge the weapon further and make it even more devastating to use.

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pashtet melee weapon in atomic heartMundfish

One of Atomic Heart’s more unique weapons, the Pashtet is fairly basic until you get to the top of it and you see where its true power lies. The Pashtet has two devastating blades protruding that can not only cut up anyone unfortunate enough to stand in your way but can also be used as projectiles.


swede melee weapon in atomic heartMundfish

There’s nothing subtle about the Swede’s design in Atomic Heart. It’s exactly what it looks like – a modified axe. If this is indeed the case, then expect to chop away at enemy robots with great force and slice and dice your way to victory.

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Every other confirmed Atomic Heart melee weapon

Again, just like Atomic Heart’s guns, there are still some melee weapons to be unearthed in the game that will surely be effective tools at your disposal.

  • Hammer
  • Zvezdochka

That wraps up our guide on Atomic Heart’s arsenal of goodies detailing all the guns and melee weapons in the game. If you want even more guides on the game, we have plenty more below for you to check out:

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