Asmongold silences Armored Core 6 graphics critique: “The design is a 10”

Ethan Dean
Asmongold Armored Core 6 Graphics

Armored Core 6 is just around the corner and discussions about the game are heating up. A critique of the game’s graphics recently caught fire in particular, and Asmongold himself has now weighed in.

FromSoftware recently treated audiences to an 11-minute gameplay preview of their upcoming title Armored Core 6. The footage showed off fast-paced, action-packed mech combat and a plethora of customization options.

Content creators were also given hands-on time with the game and while most assessments were positive, some criticisms drew ire from the franchise’s established fans.

Fextralife’s take on the game’s graphics “suffering” from both the “aging” engine and the cross-gen release sparked a massive debate. This was brought to the attention of Asmongold whose reaction was published to his clips channel on YouTube.

Fextralife began their argument by highlighting what they perceived to be poor graphics on the part of Armored Core 6’s predecessor. “Graphics are not the most important thing in Elden Ring but I kind of feel like in a mech game, graphics are a little more important,” they opined.

When Fextralife made their point about wanting “the combat to look as flashy as possible”, Asmongold chimed in with his usual gameplay-first rhetoric. “That’s what really matters. Not the graphics, but the gameplay,” Asmongold explained.

Despite his thoughts on the lack of importance when it comes to graphics in Armored Core 6, Asmongold also pointed out that stylization makes up for it. He claimed that many of the most watched games on Twitch favored style over fidelity.

“The graphics in Armored Core, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring are stylized. They do not have extremely high fidelity,” the streamer continued. “The fidelity and detail of the graphics are an 8.5 but the design is a 10.”

A screenshot of Armored Core 6 from Steam
Much of the discussion around the title has been about how good fans think it looks.

The initial Tweet that Asmongold reacted to had a number of confused fans in the thread praising the way Armored Core 6 looked in motion. “Are we even watching the same footage? It looks amazing,” one user said.

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon releases August 25, 2023, and we’ll be covering all the important details leading up to its launch. To familiarize yourself with all things Armored Core, check out our related coverage.

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