Armored Core 6: Trailer, gameplay & everything we know so far

AC in Armored Core 6FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon was announced at The Game Awards, so here’s everything we know about the next game in FromSoftware’s beloved mech series.

After months of speculation and leaks, FromSoftware has finally announced Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon. This long-awaited announcement was made at this year’s Game Awards, where a number of exciting details were revealed about the new game.

The Armored Core series is a third-person shooter that involves monolithic mechs blasting and bashing each other into oblivion. The series has a very loyal fanbase and with the recent success of Elden Ring, players will have high expectations of Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon.

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So, here’s everything we currently know about Armored 6 including the latest gameplay, release window, trailer, and more.


Does Armored Core 6 have a release date?

Armored Core 6 screenshotFromSoftware
Armored Core 6 was finally announced at The Game Awards.

Armored Core 6 will release in 2023. While no exact launch date has been set outside, FromSoftware will likely announce further details as we enter the new year. Of course, we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we receive official confirmation from the devs, so be sure to check back here regularly.

Armored Core 6 platforms

According to the Armored Core 6 official website, the game will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Whether the game will support crossplay and cross-progression between the above platforms remains to be seen.

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Armored Core 6 trailer

Armored Core 6 gameplay details

Armored Core 6 gameplay will see players move through massive environments with an emphasis on “rapid maneuverability” and “visceral vehicular combat.”

The official press release states that Armored Coree 6 will feature signature gameplay that will “feature challenging and memorable battles along with a fulfilling progression system and deep gameplay, all of it now powered by assembling mechs and going into combat with massive bosses.”

If that didn’t sound exciting enough, mecha pilots can also customize and assemble their very own AC. Following on from the huge success of Elden Ring, fans of the Armored Core series could be in for a real treat when the game releases next year.

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