Where to find Pandora’s Box in Fortnite

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Pandora's Box in Fortnite.

Curious about what’s inside the chest from Fortnite’s latest mini-event? If you’d like to see for yourself, then make sure you know where to find Pandora’s Box in Fortnite.

As the next season approaches in Fortnite, players are met with a giant Titan hand emerging from the ground, with a mysterious chest wrapped in chains dangling from it.

Often referred to as the “Pandora’s Box,” the chains holding this lore-related object seem to have a massive amount of HP — which of course, requires players to team up to destroy.

So, what happens if you break the chains in the game? And what is inside the box? Well, if you’re looking to jump in and find out yourself, make sure you know where to find Pandora’s Box in Fortnite.

Pandora’s Box location in Fortnite

A screenshot featuring the Pandora's Box location in Fortnite.
The Pandora’s Box location in Fortnite.

In Fortnite, the Pandora’s Box can be seen near the Ruined Reels POI. In this location, you’ll find the giant Titan hand as well as Pandora’s Box, which should be quite visible from a distance.

To help you out, we’ve provided an image that’s been marked above. Keep in mind that this location is likely to be swarmed by other players as well, who may not always be friendly, considering the nature of Battle Royale.

Though, at the moment, it seems like the community is attempting to band together to uncover what lies inside the mysterious Pandora’s Box. That said, it’s worth knowing that pickaxes do more damage than usual, so that’s one way to break it.

While it’s clear that many players are still struggling to get this Pandora’s Box open, hopefully, the curiosity of other players lead to more helping hands.

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