Fortnite players break Pandora’s Box chains in less than 24 hours

Daniel Appleford
Opened Pandora's Box in Fortnite

Fortnite players have broken the chains on Pandora’s Box less than a day after it appeared on the map to progress the season-ending event.

The first season of Chapter 5 is coming to a close on March 8 and with it will usher in a new era. Chapter 5’s initial season focused on saving Peely and defeating members of The Society. However, the new season will center around Greek mythology

Fortnite typically teases the upcoming season by making changes around the map. This time earthquakes began happening in different areas and eventually created cracks in the ground. 

After multiple earthquakes broke open parts of the map, a hand appeared holding a large box surrounded by chains. This would become known as the Pandora’s Box which would have to be open to progress the event. In less than 24 hours, players have broken in and released a hellish tornado. 

Fortnite Pandora’s Box gets chains broken

When Pandora’s Box was unearthed, players quickly discovered they would have to work together to break the chains. While the chains surrounding the box did have health bars, they were much stronger than what players could have anticipated. 

With a health bar rumored to be upwards of 50 million, it would take a collaborative effort to make a dent in the chains. However, what seemed like a near-impossible task was no match for the Fortnite community. In less than 24 hours since the box appeared, it has now been opened

The initial event was bugged for some players, which revealed the contents of the box early before the chains could be broken. Inside the box is a large orange tornado that lifts players into the air. But now that the box is open, this can be seen by all players. 

It is unknown what will happen next in the event now that the tornado has been unleashed. However, there are still five days left until the season starts, which means another movement in the event is sure to occur.

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