Fortnite players make peace to speedrun breaking Pandora’s Box chains

Carver Fisher
Fortnite Pandora's box

Fortnite players trying to get through Chapter 5 Season 2’s Pandora’s Box event quickly are banding together to break the chains as fast as they can by brokering peace offerings in matches.

Though Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode was built to be PvP-focused, players are setting aside their differences to try and get through the event as fast as possible.

And, though this isn’t true in every lobby, some have tossed aside their weapons to work toward a common goal.

Considering the chains on the current chest at the time of writing are rumored to have over 50 billion HP, it’s gonna take a while.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 players speedrun Pandora’s box

Players who were on the map when the newest Titan Hand spawned will have noticed that its health bar wasn’t even budging.

And, while some players have shown screenshots of the chain being broken in their map for unknown reasons, most players are still struggling with its massive health bar.

Fortunately, some players have chosen to band together and speedrun their way through it with some elbow grease and a whole lot of meds.

Even with an efficient workflow, it’s gonna take a while to get through these chains.

Regardless, players are determined to get through this event ASAP to see what secrets Pandora’s Box holds.

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