Fortnite players fed up with “griefers” ruining Titan Hand mini-event

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring the Titan Hand from Fortnite.

The massive Titan hand carrying Pandora’s Box has finally emerged in Fortnite, but some players aren’t happy due to “griefers” ruining the mini-event experience.

After experiencing a series of earthquakes on the island, some Fortnite players have finally witnessed a massive Titan hand emerging from the ground, as shown during the game’s latest mini-event.

What makes things more interesting is that along with the hand comes a mysterious chest wrapped in chains. And since the Titan’s hand first emerged, players have been curious about what kind of loot lies inside the chest.

The thing is… getting it open isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Players need to work together to shoot the chains holding the chest, but since they have a massive amount of health, things become more challenging.

As some players have admitted in a Reddit thread and X post, the problem with this mini-event is “griefers” shooting other players instead of the chains, making the whole experience of opening the box harder than it already is.

Suggesting that Epic make a mini-event outside Battle Royale mode, one user from Reddit claimed that the event is “ridiculous” and mentioned they have yet to make it to the location without someone killing them. They added, “Not only that, but no one is trying to shoot that box down.”

In the comments, some players agreed with this take, sharing similar experiences from their games. One person wrote, “So fed up with tosspot griefers. Me and about 6 players were shooting it til two guys came over and killed us W*****s.”

Another user said they couldn’t even participate in shooting the box in Team Rumble, claiming that people are abusing bounty boards in that game mode.

“They could have added no weapons zone or smth. I hate these kinds of events in main game mode. I tried having fun hitting the box, but people just kept spraying me left and right,” one chimed in.

Despite some players pouring out their frustration regarding the mini-event, a portion of the comments argued that Fortnite is a Battle Royale game, so having players griefing others in the lobby shouldn’t come off as a surprise.

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