Fortnite player reveals how to instantly deal 10k damage to Pandora’s Box

Rory Teale
Titan Hand Impulse Nades

A Fortnite player has revealed how to instantly deal 10k damage to Pandora’s Box using an under-utilized item that players had no idea would be so effective.

A giant, magma-covered hand has broken through the Fortnite map to tempt players with Pandora’s box chained from the tips of its fingers.

This has caused mayhem for Fortnite players, as some have banded together in a ceasefire to try to shoot at the breakable chains, while others camp outside the mini-event to kill players who try to break Pandora’s box free.

Whether you’re on the team who want to unleash Pandora’s box into the Fortnite world, or would rather keep whatever chaos awaits inside it close, he is a genius trick to deal maximum damage to the chains.

Fortnite Shockwave Grenade deals 10k to Pandora’s Box

One player reported their surprise on social media and posted a clip of them throwing a Shockwave Grenade at Pandora’s Box. It exploded and dealt a huge 10k damage to the chains.

“Shockwave Grenades can inflict 10,000 HP to the Pandora Box,” captioned the player.

The video showed the player standing fearless on top of Pandora’s Box as they threw a shockwave Grenade onto the lid of the box.

This exploded, sending the player flying backward, but also dealt a massive 10k damage.

Players, upon seeing the clip, were suspicious of the trick’s validity, but were positively surprised after trying it in-game themselves.

“This is surprisingly not misinformation,” said one person. “I got the info and I had to try it myself. I was surprised it wasn’t already posted here [Reddit] but I shared the info,” explained the original poster.

While some were overjoyed at after discovering a new, easier way to deal damage in the mini-event, others felt they’d wasted their time up until now.

“Me who just spent a whole game doing 75,000 damage with a pickaxe,” commented another player who referenced an extremely sad emoji face.

Still, for those of you who have just discovered this trick, what are you doing waiting? Get out there into the world of Fortnite and help unleash whatever miraculous things are stuck inside that box.

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