Where is Fisher’s Paradise in Fortnite? Level Up Token location

Fisher's paradise location in Fortnite Chapter 3Epic Games

If you’re wondering where to find Fisher’s Paradise in Fortnite Chapter 3, our easy location guide will help you find the Level Up Token hidden at this landmark in no time.

The final challenges from the Monarch Quest Pack have gone live. While most of the Level Up Tokens are quite easy to find, a couple of them are hidden at unnamed locations, like the one at Fisher’s Paradise.

Fisher’s Paradise is a new landmark that was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1. It’s not marked on the map at all, so finding it can be a little tricky if you don’t know where to go.

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Below, you’ll find the location of Fisher’s Paradise marked on the Fortnite map, as well as details on where to find the Level Up Token that’s hidden there.


Fisher’s Paradise location in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fisher’s Paradise is a tiny island located northwest of Camp Cuddle. It’s out in the water, so you’ll either need to land here, swim across from the shore, or take the zipline down.

We’ve marked the location of Fisher’s Paradise on the Fortnite map below:

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A fortnite map with fishers paradise marked on it

It’s a good idea to land here at the start of a match, as it’s right on the edge of the map and the storm could consume it quite early on. There’s not much here, so use the zipline to get away when you’re done.

Where to find the Level Up Token at Fisher’s Paradise

The Level Up Token at Fishers Paradise in Fortnite

The Level Up Token at Fisher’s Paradise is located directly on the small island itself, so it’s pretty hard to miss.

Like most Level Up Tokens, the difficult part is actually finding the landmark on the map in the first place. Once you’ve arrived at Fisher’s Paradise, getting the Level Up Token shouldn’t take you long at all.

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