How to find Darth Vader locations in Fortnite & get his Mythic Lightsaber

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Darth Vader boss in Fortnite
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Darth Vader has finally arrived on the Island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and we’ve got all the tips you need to defeat him and claim his Mythic Lightsaber weapon.

Following the defeat of the Imagined Order, Fortnite players thought they were going to be able to enjoy the game in peace. But with the latest 21.10 update, Darth Vader has finally begun his campaign to take over the Island.

Taking him down isn’t easy, but it’s worth it as anyone who manages to defeat the iconic Star Wars villain will be able to claim Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, a brand new Mythic weapon that can be thrown at players like a boomerang.

Below, you’ll find all the tips you need to find Darth Vader’s location, figure out how to defeat him, and make the most of his Mythic Lightsaber.


Darth Vader using the Force in Fortnite
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Watch out for Darth Vader’s Force move that stops you from escaping.

Where to find Darth Vader on the Fortnite map

Darth Vader will spawn at a random location on the Fortnite map at the beginning of each match, but you can easily track him by waiting in the Battle Bus until a large spaceship passes you by.

As soon as this happens, leave the Battle Bus and follow it down to the ground. The spaceship won’t be marked on the map but you’ll be able to spot it from a distance as a blue light will emit from it.

Be careful when you land, as Darth Vader will also be accompanied by two Stormtroopers who will also attack you on sight, so there are actually three enemies to worry about this time around.

How to defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite

Like all boss fights in Fortnite, defeating Darth Vader isn’t going to be easy. He has two huge bars of health to get through as well as some intense attack patterns including using the force to stop you escaping.

The best approach is to land nearby, find a weapon, then sneakily use it to take out the Stormtroopers. Then, you can steal their E-11 Blaster Rifle, which is a powerful laser gun that has unlimited ammo.

A Stormtrooper in Fortnite
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Stormtroopers drop E-11 Blaster Rifles which are great for taking out Darth Vader.

This is the perfect weapon to defeat Darth Vader, especially as you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. Aim for the head, while also making sure you have cover nearby if things get overwhelming.

We found it easier to defeat Darth Vader when he was already distracted by another player. This meant we had free reign to unload bullets, get his health down, then quickly grab his Lightsaber.

How to use Darth Vader’s Mythic Lightsaber in Fortnite

Darth Vader's Lightsaber Mythic in Fortnite
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Darth Vader’s Lightsaber can be thrown at enemies.

Once you’ve defeated Darth Vader, he’ll drop his Lightsaber. This weapon works in a similar way to ordinary Lightsabers in the game, letting you dish out melee damage and also block incoming bullets.

The big difference is that you can also throw Darth Vader’s Lightsaber at other players by aiming and pressing the ‘shoot’ button, which gives you the option to deal some long-distance damage.

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