How to get White Wyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16

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An image of the white dragon in Final Fantasy 16 who you must defeat to get white wyrm bone.

White Wyrm Bone is an important crafting resource in Final Fantasy 16, but it’s not immediately obvious how to obtain it in the game. So, here’s exactly how to get your hands on the material.

There are a lot of useful crafting items that Clive will come across on his journey through Valisthea, from common resources like Black Blood and Sharp Fang to rarer ones like the Electrum.

Regardless of their rarity, most of these materials come in handy whether you’re using them to craft new weapons and armor or simply selling them for more Gil.

One particularly good material is White Wyrm Bone, which can be used to reinforce your weapons, but it can be tricky to find. So, if you’re wondering where to find this elusive item in Final Fantasy 16, here’s everything you need to know.

An image of Clive, Jill, Cid, and Torgal in Final Fantasy 16.
Players will have to defeat a tough boss to get White Wyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16.

How to get White Wyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16

In order to obtain White Wyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll have to complete the campaign mission ‘Fire in the Sky’.

Toward the end of this quest, you’ll encounter a fierce White Dragon which you’ll have to defeat before completing the mission. Once you beat the dragon, you’ll be rewarded with a number of spoils including White Wyrm Bone which you can then take to Blackthrone at Cid’s hideaway.

With the White Wyrm Bone, Blackthrone can upgrade the Diamond Sword, Diamond Armlets, and Diamond Sash for you.

The Diamond Sword is the most notable of these due to its impressive 245 attack and stagger stats, which can be reinforced up to 265 with the use of White Wyrm Bone. You can purchase the sword for 3,000 Gil at Goetz Toll in the Hideaway, or craft it with the following materials:

  • Bloody Hide x90
  • Imperial Link x1
  • White Wyrm Bone x1

Finally, to fully reinforce the sword, you’ll need to bring these resources to Blackthrone:

Reinforcement LevelMaterials
+1Diamond Sword x1 / Bloody Hide x52 / Imperial Link x1 / White Wyrm Bone x1
+2Diamond Sword x1 / Meteorite x4 / Bloody Hide x60

That’s how to get White Wyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16, and what you can use it for! For more content on the game, check our guides below:

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