V Rising Scourge Pendant: How to find, craft & upgrade

Sourav Banik
an image of Scourge Pendant in V Rising
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The Scourge Pendant is a piece of magical jewelry found in V Rising and can be upgraded along the way. Here’s a guide on how you can locate the pendant in-game and upgrade it.

V Rising offers a ton of magical jewelry that gives you the spell power boost you need to defeat your enemies. While some of them can be crafted at the Simple Workbench, others need to be crafted at the Jewelcrafting Table.

The Scourge Pendant needs to be crafted at the Jewelcrafting Table and requires a specific set of materials in the game. If you’re searching for its recipe, our handy guide has all the information you need.

Some magical jewelry in V Rising
Stunlock Studios / V Rising
The Scourge Pendant can be used to craft several other jewelries.

How to find the Scourge Pendant in V Rising?

To obtain the Scourge Pendant, you will first need to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess boss in the game. She is a level 46 V Blood boss and can be found in the northwest corner of Dunley Farmlands.

Once you defeat her, the Jewelcrafting Table also gets unlocked. It then allows you to craft the pendant along with multiple other magical pieces of jewelry in the game.

What does the Scourge Pendant do in V Rising?

Scourge Pendant is a level 15 gear and it helps to boost your Spell Power in battles. Here’s the full set of stats for the pendant:

Stats Crafting Recipe Durability
+14.7 Spell Power 1 Scourgestone, 12 Glass, 60 Sunflower 742

Once crafted, you can use it to craft several other pieces of jewelry like Necklaces and Amulets. These items enhance your abilities like Physical Power, Physical Resistance, Spell Critical Strike Damage, Max Health, Movement Speed, and a lot more.

Here’s the complete list of items you can craft using the Scourge Pendant:

  • Ruby Pendant
  • Sapphire Pendant
  • Amethyst Pendant
  • Emerald Necklace
  • Misty Necklace
  • Topaz Amulet

Remember you’ll need the Jewelcrafting Table to craft all of these items. The Simple Workbench will not be enough to craft these high-level jewelry.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know on where to find the Scourge Pendant and how to upgrade it in V Rising. For more about the game, make sure to check some of our guides:

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