Terrible FIFA 22 pack glitch is giving players the wrong cards

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Glitches are, unfortunately, something we see far too often within gaming. This has been the case when it comes to FIFA 22’s packs, as a new issue has surfaced that isn’t granting players the cards they were promised. 

FIFA 22 has been released, and players worldwide are now diving into the flurry of changes they’ve made this year. Ranging from new features in FUT to the revamped Career mode, there’s something for everyone here, and most of you are more than likely going to be opening packs along the way.

Packs are a great way to get some phenomenal players for your FUT lineups, and the player you get is noted by a certain animation you’ll see pop up on the screen.

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However, some players are running into a rather pesky FIFA 22 pack glitch that needs to be talked about.

fifa 22 packsEA Sports
Packs are rampant in FIFA 22, and some even “guarantee” a certain OVR player.

Terrible FIFA 22 pack glitch is giving players the wrong cards

FIFA 22 has certain packs that players will be able to earn and unpack, which will reward them with certain players that are within an OVR range. One of these packs promises the player with a card at least an 80 OVR, but as one Reddit user discovered, this isn’t really the case.

Upon opening their pack, the player quickly realizes that the highest rated card in the pack was actually a 79 OVR, not the advertised 80 OVR.

It’s quite an unfortunate situation, and this is something that seems to just happen to players with these packs since the game was released. As other players in the Reddit thread have noted, “79 golovin was my highest rated,” which makes it appear that this may be a common issue for players.

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While this is a concerning problem for sure, there’s still a flurry of content for FIFA players to dive into this year, and we’ve got some guides down below to get the most out of the game.

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