FIFA 22 pack animations for boards & walkouts explained

fifa 22 pack animationsEA Sports

Unpacking some incredible cards within FIFA 22’s ultimate team is no better feeling, and you’ll know if you’ve unlocked these cards when a certain walkout animation begins.

With FIFA 22 finally here many of you are jumping into all the content the game has to offer. Whether this comes in the form of starting your Ultimate Team with some SBCs or diving into the revamped Career Mode, EA has packed a ton into this year’s game.

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If you’re keen on ultimate team, you are well aware of the rollercoaster of emotions that occurs when opening packs. We all want to pull a Messi or Ronaldo, and FIFA has some handy animations that’ll trigger when you unpack one of these cards.

Here’s all the FIFA 22 pack animations and what each one means.


FIFA 22 pack animations for boards

While players are less likely to get excited over a board compared to walkout player, these cards can be helpful early on in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team cycle, so you are bound to keep your eye on these.

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Boards are reserved for players with an OVR of 83 or better, and while these aren’t the elusive walkout cards, some of the best center-backs, wingers, and strikers are in this range.

When you’re waiting for the card to be revealed if you spot a flame on each side of the boards, then this means you’ve snagged a player in this range.

board walkoutEA Sports
FIFA 22’s pack animation for boards.

But, the cream of the crop are the walkout players, and they have one of the quirkiest animations in all sports games.

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FIFA 22 animation for walkouts

On the flipside, walkouts are mainly what players are seeking when opening packs, as they’re dedicated to players rated 88 OVR and better.

The player you unpack will sprint onto the screen, and perform some animation. The main way to tell if you’ve got one of these cards is yet again the number of flames on the side.

Walkouts are commemorated with six flames shooting up into the air, so it’s hard to miss.

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fifa 22 walkout animationEA Sports
FIFA 22’s walkout animation.

You’re bound to see one of these eventually when you’re opening packs, and who knows, it very well may be the likes of Ronaldo or Mbappe.

In the meantime, we’ve got a flurry of information surrounding FIFA 22 that you’re going to need to catch up on down below.

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