FIFA 23 Pro Clubs players pen open letter to EA over cross-play decision

David Purcell
fifa 23 screenshot

EA SPORTS is facing some strong opposition from Pro Clubs players after they found out how cross-play will work in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be launching with cross-platform play, meaning that some friend groups that have long been split across PlayStation and Xbox will finally have a chance to cross paths.

However, for many Pro Clubs fans, the devil is in the detail.

It will work across Ultimate Team’s competitive modes, Online Seasons, VOLTA Football – but not Pro Clubs. The announcement has prompted a strong response from passionate players.

an image of Manchester City women's team in FIFA 23
FIFA 23 Pro Clubs players want to play together across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs players furious over cross-play

A letter, posted by an account called #SaveProClubs, has demanded answers about the decision.

“We demand an explanation as to why you have yet again opted to overlook and bypass Pro Clubs from your cross-play game modes,” the frank letter reads, referencing Pro Clubs being omitted from the cross-play program for FIFA 22 when it was first implemented.

Many players hoped that its addition in the previous game, without Pro Clubs, was for testing purposes – before being rolled out across all modes. However, the developers have confirmed 1v1 play will take priority, such as Ultimate Team.

“Come out and give the players who have been loyal to your mode, put in thousands of hours playing, and thousands more making external communities to keep a buzz around it, an answer” it continues.

“If not, you will begin to see the game mode collapse. People were pinning their last hopes on FIFA 23 being the one to give them their spark back, cross-play would have done that.

“For a lot of people, you could have re-released FIFA 22, stuck a FIFA 23 logo on it, added cross-play and you would more than likely have gotten a “free hit” year from the community… Now? You’re going to see this mode from off more.”

Whether or not this will prompt a response from the developers, in the form of public comment or a future addition for EA SPORTS FC, remains to be seen.