Mizkif hits the jackpot with $125k Lugia in latest Pokemon Twitch stream

Mizkif Lugia Pokemon CardMizkif

Mizkif has had an incredible run of luck when opening Pokemon cards, but he hit the jackpot in his latest stream after he pulled a first edition Lugia card worth $125,000, as well as an inanely rare Tyhplosion.

Pokemon cards used to be all the rage back in the day. They were a cheap and enjoyable way for kids to have some fun in the schoolyard. Now, they’re a valuable collector’s item, and their sales and prices have skyrocketed and reached new heights in 2020.

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Twitch streamers have been going nuts over them, opening expensive booster packs worth tens of thousands of dollars in the hopes to find valuable cards. Fans often tune in to enjoy the emotional roller-coaster ride. 

The trend hasn’t slowed down despite criticism from some haters like Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, who went as far as destroying valuable cards to prove his point. 

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has been loving it more than anyone, and he’s had a lot of luck too. He’s been pulling valuable cards left, right, and center. In his latest stream, he snagged even more, including an absolute gem.

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Trainwrecks and Mizkif with Pokemon cardTwtich: Trainwreckstv
Mizkif and Trainwrecks posed next to a super rare Dark Charizard card they pulled.

Mizkif’s Pokemon card opening streams are always exciting. This time, however, there was a real sense of magic in the air and lady luck was on his side. He managed to pull the holy grail first edition holographic version of Lugia.

It’s still pending authentication and grading, but if it ends up being a PSA 10, it’ll be worth more than $125,000. In fact, one sold for $129,000 in an eBay auction on November 25. Some people are confident that it might make the grade, but if it doesn’t, it’ll still be worth several thousand.

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If that wasn’t exciting enough, Mizkif also managed to pull a Tyhplosion #17 card, which is very rare. It’s sold for as much as $25,000, but it’s so hard to find, the actual market price is difficult to nail down.

Either way, it’s not necessarily all about the money. The rarity alone makes it an exciting find. Plus, the fact he managed to pull two extremely rare and potentially valuable cards in the same stream is mind-boggling.

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Mizkif’s hot streak with opening Pokemon cards is alive and well, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

He’s pulled an impressive haul so far, and the good fortune keeps on rolling in.

Love it or hate it, the trend is generating lots of buzz, and the hilarious and over-the-top reactions make it even better.  

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