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Pokemon fan explains how he got viral million dollar card collection

Published: 8/Dec/2020 23:31 Updated: 8/Dec/2020 23:34

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Trading Card Game community was thrown for a loop back in November when a YouTuber revealed his viral collection worth millions. Now the content creator has explained how he came to own the stash of rare items after receiving a flood of “hate” from viewers.

On November 22, Pokemon card collectors around the world were floored when YouTuber PokeMans Alex revealed he had a collection worth millions. The owner had stacks of every ‘mon from the 1999 Base Set, including 111 Charizards.

However after receiving criticism and hate from viewers, the content creator released an update video on December 8 where he explained how he built up his insane assortment of rare Nintendo collectibles.


Screenshot of YouTuber holding up 111 Charizard Pokemon cards.
YouTube: PokeMans Alex
The YouTuber showed off his mind-blowing set in November where he revealed he had 111 Charizards.

Pokemon fan explains how he built jaw-dropping TCG collection

During his latest upload, PokeMans Alex revealed he had gotten backlash from some critics. “I tried to stay away from the sheer amount of hate I’ve been receiving. But some of you guys are damn mean. A lot of people saying the cards were printed, like if you know so much why aren’t you doing it? Some people calling me a thief… Jesus Christ,” he said.

The content creator then explained his family built up the collection over a few years. “I’ve only collected these cards when I was young. I was five when I started. My dad is actually the main collector of our family. He made my entire family put all of our cards into binders. By the time I grew out of it, my aunts and uncles had all these cards,” he continued.


Alex then revealed that while most families threw out their kids’ Pokemon cards, his didn’t. According to the fan, his dad kept collecting after they had stopped: “A few of the shops he was quite friendly with, they had old stock left over. When it came to the newer cards coming out, they sold a large amount of [older] cards. They were happy to sell in bulk. My dad bought a large amount of them.”

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It’s not entirely known what PokeMan Alex’s collection is actually worth, as he has yet to get them graded. But even a PSA 10 unlimited Charizard has been selling for around $30k – and he has 111 of them.


While many parents threw out their children’s collection years ago, the YouTuber’s family held on to them. His stash has left many collectors floored, as its unprecedented to own that many duplicates of the rare 1999 collectibles.