Pokemon fans stunned as Sodapoppin destroys $10k Charizard card on Twitch

Screenshot of Twitch streamer Sodapoppin laughing next to burning Pokemon card.Twitch: Sodapoppin / The Pokemon Company

Popular streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris destroyed a Pokemon Trading Card Game box worth $20k live on stream. The entertainer annihilated rare holographic collectibles worth thousands of dollars to mock the Nintendo trend which had swept sites like Twitch & YouTube. 

Despite releasing in 1999, Pokemon card fever has swept sites like Twitch & YouTube as streamers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to open retro 90s packs in front of viewers. Items once traded on school playgrounds for nothing can be worth as much as a house.

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However, one streamer not a fan of the craze is Sodapoppin, who in November criticized the trend as “gambling for kids.” On December 10, the star hosted his own TCG broadcast to mock collectors. The entertainer destroyed 1st Edition Team Rocket box worth $20k – including a Dark Charizard.

Screenshot of Mizkif being taped to chair during Sodapoppin Pokemon card Twitch stream.Twitch: Sodapoppin
Pokemon fans around the world could relate to Mizkif as Sodapoppin destroyed rare cards.

Sodapoppin destroys rare Pokemon cards live on Twitch

The Twitch personality made his intentions clear at the start of his stream when he tore open four booster packs, before shuffling the retro cards and bending them in the process. He then took the stacks of Pokemon items and slammed their sides against the table, which would make any fan or collector die a little inside. However, this was just the beginning.

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Over 108k viewers tuned in to watch the content creator brutally destroy collectibles worth thousands. When the 26-year-old pulled a Dark Vileplume for instance, he threw it in a pot of dirt and rocks and shook it up. Getting creative, the entertainer used Elon Musk’s Boring Company Flamethrower to torch a Dark Slowbro into dust.

Holding up the holographic for viewers to see, streamer malenatudi told Morris “Smile next to it.” After briefly posing with the rare Team Rocket 1st Edition, Soda exclaimed “Okay, let’s go!” before lighting the fire and melting the holographic clean off the face of the card.

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From throwing darts at a Blastoise to running over a holo with his car, the streamer’s mayhem was varied. The worst one of all came when he pulled an incredibly rare Dark Charizard worth $10,000. Former streamer and massive Pokemon fan Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Matthew Rinaudo was taped to a chair and forced to hold the holographic over a jar of lube. Sodapoppin, of course, helped the Fire-type fall to its destruction.

The chat was a mix of horror and laughter. Esports consultant Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau praised the star for his broadcast and wrote, “Sodapoppin is the first person and only person to make me care about pokemon card openings. a true genius.” With over 100k people tuning in, it’s hard to argue.

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Pokemon fans simultaneously felt pain as the Twitch streamer found various ways to destroy cards which are now worth an absurd amount of money. The $20k box is something most collectors could only dream of being able to afford.

But if nothing else, the broadcast was a good example of how not everyone is a fan of the Trading Card Game craze that has seemed to have swept live platforms in 2020.

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