YouTuber buys dream car worth $200k by selling Pokemon cards

Published: 5/Dec/2020 1:07 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 16:37

by Brent Koepp


A YouTuber revealed that he was able to afford and buy his dream car worth up to $200k just by buying, selling, and covering Pokemon cards – yes, you read that right!

Although the Pokemon TCG made its debut decades ago in 1997, the Nintendo collectibles have seen an absolute explosion in popularity in 2020. Items once traded by children on school playgrounds for practically nothing can now sell for as much as a house.

Dedicated fans that have been covering the hobby for years such as Australian YouTuber Michael ‘UnlistedLeaf’ Anderson have had their passion rewarded with the Trading Card Game’s recent attention. So much so that the content creator was able to buy a luxury car.

Pokemon YouTuber UnlistedLeaf shows off his dream Audi R8 car.
YouTube: UnlistedLeaf
The Nintendo fan was able to buy his dream car collecting and selling Pokemon cards.

YouTuber buys dream car thanks to Pokemon cards

While many popular entertainers have been swept up by the Pokemon card craze that has hit in 2020, YouTubers like Unlisted Leaf have been making videos about the hobby since 2013. On December 4, the content creator revealed that he was able to buy his dream car – a Audi R8 V10 Plus – due his love of the Nintendo RPG.

“It is insane to me that years down the line I am able to get one,” he said. “The craziest part about this whole situation is that I really bought this car with, like, Pokemon cards. If we really boil it down.” The entertainer, who also goes by ‘Ando’, then clarified that he didn’t get any money from his parents or a side job – it was purely from covering the Pokemon collectibles.

“It is 110% all with Pokemon cards. That’s the truth. I literally have been making videos around Pokemon cards for about eight years now. I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for eight years and like selling a few. Then like I buy a lot. Then I sell a couple more,” the Nintendo fan explained.

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UnlistedLeaf revealed that Pokemon cards’ recent explosion in value and popularity also played a hand in being able to afford the luxury vehicle. “Especially with the crazy Pokemon card boom recently, I was able to purchase this car.” he revealed, before he thanked his fans for sticking with him as he covered the Nintendo hobby for eight years.

There is no telling if the craze surrounding the TCG will die down anytime soon. With the Japanese franchise gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, the sky is the limit. Passionate fans who have dedicated their lives to Trading Card Game are finally starting to reap the rewards.


xQc gets insane luck after spending $17k on Pokemon card packs

Published: 6/Dec/2020 14:07

by Luke Edwards


Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel pulled out an ultra-rare Dark Charizard card live on Twitch after spending a huge $17k on Pokemon trading cards.

With Twitch Pokemon Week about to get underway, we’ve seen a bunch of streamers doing live unboxings of Pokemon trading cards in a bid to pull out some ultra-rare Pokemon.

Given the rarity of some cards, and an abundance of buyers, the value of good-condition cards has grown exponentially over the last decade. One YouTuber even sold his collection to buy a $200k car.

xQc is one of the latest streamers to buy into the hype, as he completed a box opening on the off-chance he could pull out something decent. It’s fair to say he got quite lucky.

xQc, Twitch
xQc was shocked after pulling out a Dark Charizard card.

xQc pulls ultra-rare Dark Charizard Pokemon card

After pulling out some underwhelming cards, xQc was hit with a bombshell Dark Charizard Holo pickup.

He could barely control his hands after pulling it out, which is no wonder when considering the card is worth around $6,000.

Redditor u/remany posted a price list of the top tier cards xQc pulled out. On top of the Dark Charizard Holo, he also collected Dark Holo versions of Dragonite, Blastoise, Raichu and Alakazam. The total value of the cards? A staggering $27,000.

It’s worth considering that xQc did pay $17k just to get hold of the box, on the off-chance it would contain some valuable cards. But the risk has paid off, as he should easily make a £10k profit – provided he can find buyers, of course.

It’s far from the most expensive card out there, though. Back in October, rapper Logic bought a 1st Edition Charizard for $226k – almost 38 times the value of xQc’s best pull.

The upcoming Pokemon Week, which will see other streamers like Pokimane and Trainwreck do their own unboxings, has been slightly shrouded in controversy after Sodapoppin accused the trend of Pokemon card unboxings as promoting ‘child-friendly gambling.’

But with xQc pulling out a card as rare as this one right before the start of the event, it’s unlikely he’ll be backing out.