KSI offers free PRIME to students after school bans influencer drink

Virginia Glaze
KSI promises students a truckload of prime after school bans drink

British YouTube star KSI is promising “a truckload” of PRIME Hydration for students after their school allegedly banned the drink from campus.

KSI and Logan Paul ended their infamous rivalry to create a competitive sports beverage called PRIME Hydration earlier this year.

The drink is available in most major retailers across America and the United Kingdom, and just recently launched new ‘Hydration Stick’ packets to go along with their seven drink flavors.

PRIME has had a fairly successful reception among fans and consumers: In fact, its launch in the UK saw a massive fan turnout that prompted other meetups to get canned due to the sheer amount of people who showed up to celebrate.

It looks like this trend has continued after one UK school apparently banned PRIME Hydration from its campus, according to a recent tweet from KSI.

KSI promises “truckload” of PRIME for students after school bans drink from campus

On September 28, the YouTuber shared a screenshot from an email supposedly sent to a student announcing that PRIME was no longer allowed on campus.

“PRIME drinks are now a banned item,” the email reads. “DO NOT bring them into school. They will be confiscated if found or seen, and you will be sanctioned with a -3.”

The email also reminded students that the sale of any items was banned and would result in a suspension.

KSI Logan Paul PRIME packets Instagram
KSI and Logan Paul celebrated the recent launch of PRIME Hydration Sticks.

KSI isn’t having it. In response, he promised to pull up with an entire “truckload” of PRIME for students who weren’t allowed to have the bev at their school.

“A school had the AUDACITY to ban Prime, leaving their students dehydrated,” he shared on Twitter.

“To counter this blatant wrongdoing, we’ll be sending a truckload of Prime to this school and many other schools. Just retweet this tweet to represent your school to get some Prime.”

It’s unclear if fans will get to see KSI’s newest endeavor in one of his upcoming videos — but until then, he’s celebrating the success of the viral Sidemen Charity football match that took place over the weekend.

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