KSI & Logan Paul forced to cancel PRIME Hydration meetup after huge fan turnout

KSI Logan Paul huge prime meetupInstagram: Logan Paul / drinkprime

Popular YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul are celebrating the launch of their sports drink, PRIME Hydration, in the UK with fan meetups — but these events might have gotten a little too crowded.

KSI and Logan Paul have officially ended their beef to unleash a new sports recovery beverage into the world: PRIME Hydration.

The duo first revealed the drink earlier this year, shocking fans with their newfound friendship after years of enmity that saw them face off in the boxing ring two times.

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Initially launched in America, PRIME is finally coming to the UK in stores like Tesco, ASDA, and more… and the YouTubers decided to celebrate this occasion with a bang.

Logan Paul and KSI holding Primedrinkprime.com
Logan Paul unveiled his PRIME Hydration sports drink alongside former rival KSI on January 4, 2022.

KSI and Logan took to social media to tell fans they’d be going to certain stores to meet up with their viewers and pass out some PRIME — and their viewers showed out in a huge way.

The two influencers shared videos to Instagram showing a massive crowd that had gathered in front of an ASDA store in Watford, completely obscuring the front of the store and milling around the vehicle Paul and KSI drove in on.

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Of course, the fans ended up chanting “F**k Jake Paul” in a hilarious callback to KSI’s beef with Logan’s little brother, as well as “F**k Gatorade,” one of PRIME’s top competitors.

Even fellow YouTuber Jidion was in attendance and helped drive up the hype to maximum levels.

It seems as though things got a little too rowdy at the ASDA, as KSI announced on Instagram a short while later that their next meetup in Leyton was canceled.

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“ASDA canceled the Leyton meetup,” KSI wrote. “Sorry everyone.”

ksi insta story prime meetup

This wouldn’t be the first time YouTubers have drawn massive crowds for fan meetups; the NELK Boys notably got into legal trouble after hordes of fans came to see them in 2020 (although the UK PRIME launch has seen decidedly less police involvement).

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