KSI loses it with resellers scalping PRIME Energy drinks for £100

KSI annoyed by Swarmz Pineda fight after double victoryYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI has hit out at the absurd resell price of his PRIME hydration energy drinks in a viral TikTok video.

KSI’s and Logan Paul’s PRIME hydration has without a doubt been a hit with fans.

The two former boxing rivals unveiled their new business venture in early 2022, initially releasing five refreshing beverages for their fans in the states.

It’s fair to say the demand for PRIME was through the roof, with the drink selling out in stores and online practically instantly.

PRIME’s UK debut in June was no different, and couldn’t have gone any better for the YouTube stars, as thousands of excited fans lined up outside stores to get their hands on the drink.

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However, despite PRIME releasing in the UK over six months ago, fans are still struggling to get their hands on the drink — leading to some vendors taking advantage with some absolutely absurd resell prices.

Furthermore, with the release of PRIME’s new energy drinks in the US — which are expected to hit UK shelves in April — one store that got their hands on it early has been charging customers £100 for just one can.

KSI outraged by PRIME energy drink resellers

Now, KSI has hit out at the store for charging such amounts for the new beverage in a viral TikTok.

The video, which has amassed close to 3 million views so far, sees the British YouTuber in a fit of rage after reacting to fans spending £1200 on the new energy drinks.

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“Oh my god, no,” KSI exclaimed. “He can’t keep getting away with this. Stop buying at these prices.”

Fans are certainly eager to try the new PRIME drink. Thankfully, they shouldn’t have to wait too long until they can get their hands on it in the UK.