Logan Paul confesses MrBeast doubted Prime Hydration would successful

Logan Paul has revealed that YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson doubted that Prime Hydration would be a success.

Earlier this year, KSI and Logan Paul shocked their fans after revealing the two former rivals had partnered up to release their Prime Hydration sports drink.

With their product now widely available in both the US and the UK, it’s fair to say it’s a been hit with their audience. Thousands of fans even lined up outside stores for its debut in the UK back in June.

However, it turns out not even the YouTube king MrBeast was sold on the idea, as he initially believed it wouldn’t work.

Logan Paul and KSI holding Primedrinkprime.com
Logan Paul unveiled his PRIME Hydration sports drink alongside former rival KSI on January 4, 2022.

Despite the two YouTube stars having a collective following of over 67M on YouTube alone, in a recent Impaulsive podcast, Logan revealed that MrBeast admitted he didn’t expect Prime to be so successful.

Logan explained how he’s had confidence in Prime’s storyline of him and JJ teaming up since the beginning, but while in South Africa with Donaldson, he was shocked to hear his doubts.

“When I was with MrBeast in South Africa, Prime had just launched and was doing very well very quickly, he straight up told me that he did not think it was going to work at all,” said Logan.

“And that shocked me,” he admitted. “It was so obvious to me that it was going to work, but I guess sometimes that’s just not the case.”

(Timestamp at 2:20)

Fortunately, so far it seems like Prime has been nothing but a smash hit. Its initial launch in the US sold out its entire stock in just a couple of hours. The same can be said for its online launch in the UK, too.

Hopefully, we’ll begin seeing Prime pop up on shelves in the rest of the world in the near future.