Prime drinks cause more chaos in UK as KSI addresses self-checkout malfunctions

Prime UKPrime

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime drinks have been selling out all across the UK, with the new beverage now causing self-checkout machines to completely crash due to the product being so highly in-demand.

Prime Hydration, the hydration drink series created by influencers Logan Paul and KSI, has been an instant success since it first launched back in 2022. While the drink was initially only available in the US, Prime has now begun branching out to other parts of the world.

For UK-based Supermarket franchise Sainsbury’s, the recent introduction of Prime to their stores has led to what one Twitter user described as a “nationwide malfunction in all of Sainsbury’s self-checkout machines.”

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This initial post was then retweeted by none other than KSI, who asked his audience and those who live in the UK, “did this actually happen?” People then began flooding KSI’s retweet with comments verifying that the new Prime stock did in fact cause issues for the UK chain.

One user posted a photo of the Sainsbury self-checkout system denying them from purchasing the drinks, with the message “not allowed, maximum threshold reached” appearing on the system. The screen then also added that the products have been “limited to 3 drinks per customer.”

Another person added to KSI’s tweet that, “I work in Sainsbury’s, they’ve had to reset all the checkouts overnight.”

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In Dexerto’s review of Prime, we wrote that “with Prime Hydration’s brightly colored bottles, Logan Paul and KSI are doing their best to stand out in a crowded market, but where the drinks really deliver is the full-flavored taste.”