KSI explains why Prime is better than “terrible” YouTuber products

KSI sat down alongside bottles of PrimeScreenshot via BBC/Prime

YouTube star KSI has explained why Prime is better and has had more success than the typical “terrible” products that YouTubers have put out. 

When Logan Paul and KSI launched their Prime Hydration drinks back in January 2022, not even they could have foreseen the success that the brand has had. 

The YouTube duo have released five flavors of the Hydration brand, and have also launched an Energy Drink side of things that comes in cans. Both are widely available in the United States, it’s been tougher sledding for those fans in the UK

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Resellers have been selling the drinks for way above their standard retail prices, which has prompted KSI to speak out about it. Though, the hype is what made it such a big success – at least in his eyes. 

KSI explains why Prime has been such a success

The multi-talented influencer appeared on The One Show on January 26 to talk about his new documentary, as well as the success of Prime. 

“TikTok went crazy over it. It was all over YouTube and Instagram, people were just making videos about it all the time and people were just enjoying the drink. They were tasting it and being like ‘This is actually good,’” he said. 

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“I think when it comes to YouTubers putting out products it’s normally terrible or not very good, so I think that’s why this has actually had quite a lot of life into it.”

KSI noted that they’ve attempted to “increase the supply as much as possible” in the UK, but it’s still not enough to satisfy the demand of fans. 

The hype around the drinks hasn’t died down at all, but when the new energy cans roll out in the UK in April, fans might find it easier to get the hydration bottles.

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