Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Energy review: Knocked it out of the park

Prime EnergyPrime Hydration

Logan Paul and KSI have launched another drink after the success of Prime Hydration and in case you’re wondering if it’s worth buying, let’s dive into our Prime Energy review featuring a few flavors.

YouTubers Logan Paul & KSI released Prime Hydration on January 4, 2022, to positive reviews, and promptly amassed a massive fanbase across the US and UK over the year.

So massive, in fact, that the duo has struggled to keep it in stock with people in the UK selling it on the “black market” for as much as $20 a bottle despite its $2.00 MSRP.

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Now, Logan and KSI have expanded the popular company into the Energy Drink industry with five flavors at launch: Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Watermelon, and Orange Mango.

We’ve managed to get ahold of Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Punch cans – but are they deserving of the hype?

Prime Energy review: The taste test

Prime Energy cansDexerto
Prime Energy comes in 12oz cans with 200mg of caffeine.

While there are differences between Prime Hydration and Prime Energy, the influencer-turned-entrepreneurs have managed to keep them rather slim.

Each product has electrolytes, vitamins, and no added sugar, while Prime Energy brings 200mg of caffeine to the table. This is more than both Redbull and Monster, which have 111mg and 86mg of caffeine respectively. The energy cans are also carbonated and are a bit weaker in taste than their hydration counterparts.

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Although both options are made with coconut water, Prime Energy isn’t as heavy of a product to drink which is a plus side for anyone that finds the hydration bottles to be too vicious.

Tropical Punch Prime Energy

Existing fans of Prime might reach for the Tropical Punch flavor due to familiarity but are going to be met with a vastly different taste in their mouth. However, you will find the Tropical Punch flavor in the energy cans to be much lighter, with a more natural taste — something I didn’t like about the original product.

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The flavor still brings forward a mixture of aromas such as pineapple, mango, and passion fruit, making for an enjoyable drink.

Strawberry Watermelon Prime Energy

Strawberry Watermelon is the company’s newest flavor, and they’ve absolutely knocked it out of the park with the Prime Energy can. From the second you begin cracking it open, you’re met with a fantastic aroma of both fruits that continues as you drink the can.

Although it was a new launch flavor for Prime Energy, Logan, and KSI were quick to release the flavor in Hydration bottles as well. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find the flavor in our local stores and it quickly sold out on the website.

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Lemon Lime Prime Energy

When it comes to the Lemon lime flavor, we’ll admit that it’s usually not our go-to when it comes to any type of drink. However, Prime has managed to create a very delightful mixture that’s neither heavy on the lemon nor lime.

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It’s lighter than the flavor in the hydration bottles, and we’re rather fond of the change.

Blue Raspberry Prime Energy

Similar to our thoughts on the Strawberry Lemonade flavor, as soon as you open the can you’re met with the fruity aroma of Blue Raspberries.

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It’s an absolute delight from the moment it hits your tongue and is perfect for those highly interested in the Blue Raspberry hydration bottles.

Orange Mango Prime Energy

The first thing you’ll notice about the Orange flavored Prime Energy is that it’s also mixed with mango, which is a refreshing addition compared to the existing Hydration formula. It adds a nice kick of sweetness without being too overwhelming, giving a new spin on a pre-existing classic.

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Prime Energy packaging and price

Prime Energy CansPrime Hydration

There’s no doubt that Logan Paul and KSI have managed to make Prime Hydration stand out from the rest with its large brand name and brightly colored packaging. They have applied the same tactics to Prime Energy.

The energy drink’s price falls at least 50 cents above its competitors when purchased in 12-pack cases, coming in at $2.49 USD per can.

According to Walmart’s prices, Redbull sells the same amount of cans in a case for right around $1.75 per can while Monster energy comes in at around $1.66 a can.

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Even more boutique brands like Alani Nu sell cases at Walmart for around $2.08 a can, putting Prime one of the most expensive drinks available.

This might change as Prime rolls out into more retailers. If you’re looking to find cans of your own to try, check out our article on how to buy them.

Should you buy Prime Energy?

The only thing we’re not huge fans of when it comes to Prime Energy is its price, coming in at a minimum of 50 cents more than other options.

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If you’re a fan of flavorful energy drinks and don’t just reach for the cheapest thing on the shelf, we definitely recommend buying Prime Energy.

Both flavors we tried are delicious and refreshing – that is, assuming you can find a place with it in stock.