Is Sway House over? Group crumbles following Bryce Hall’s departure

Is Sway House overYouTube: SwayLa

The biggest rival to the Hype House could be experiencing its twilight days as more and more of its members unfollow each other online.

The age of influencer houses seems to be reaching its end. Following on the heels of the infamous Team 10, founded by YouTuber Jake Paul, there have been a plethora of content houses throughout the years for Twitch streamers, TikTokers and all manner of creators.

However, one of the biggest TikTok groups to make a name for itself was the Hype House, and shortly after that, the Sway House.

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Hype House and Sway House were both big organizations with a fair amount of clout behind them. While Hype House produced such talent as Addison Rae, Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio, Sway House gave us the likes of Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Josh Richards.


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These two houses notably feuded with each other (in true Montague and Capulet fashion) during the fabled breakup between Charli and Chase in 2020, although co-founders Bryce and Thomas seemed to make up once their anger had subsided.

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While the Hype House has lost its biggest talent and become a shell of its former self, it seems that the Sway House has all but gone off the radar — and fans have been wondering what’s up with the group for some time now.

They finally got an update on August 12, when Hall cryptically tweeted, “I left Sway.”

Just a day later, it seems like a few of Sway House’s members have unfollowed each other on Instagram, with Blake Gray unfollowing Bryce Hall, and Josh Richards unfollowing Jaden Hossler — although this could be due to the love quadrant between himself, Nessa Barrett, Hossler, and Mads Lewis.

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It’s important to note, though, that the Sway Instagram page has been posting as recently as August 4, meaning that the group has been active into the summer.

Either way, it seems like the Sway House is truly well and done for — but that doesn’t mean that other content groups aren’t knocking it out of the park.


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Streaming group OfflineTV have lived under the same room for some time and remain a popular slew of content creators, while OTK have overtaken Luminosity and TSM to become the biggest current streaming organization.

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For now, it looks like TikTokers are on their own, and there’s no telling if someone will take up the mantle in the wake of Sway House’s alleged end.

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