What happened to Sway House? Bryce Hall hints at reunion of Sway members

Sway House members pose for an Instagram pictureInstagram: swayla

While it seemed as though Sway House was over for good, fans think they could be getting back together after Bryce Hall posted an image of him with Blake Gray and Griffin Johnson, with a cryptic caption.

Over the past couple of years TikTok has exploded in popularity, and along with that, plenty of influencers have made names for themselves, becoming hugely popular on the platform.

With those influencers becoming more popular, many of them decided that they would band together in the form of TikTok houses, collectives that would allow creators to collaborate on content and promote each other across social media to make their following even stronger.

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One of these houses is the Sway House, which was founded in January 2020 and featured creators like Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, and more.

sway house members posingInstagram: swayla
Blake Gray has been a member of the Sway House, along with stars such as Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson.

In February 2021, Talent X co-founder Michael Gruen revealed to PEOPLE that the house was over, saying: “If you view Sway as a content collective that lives together and is with each other every day, then yes, it’s over. But Sway was always about a bigger message, and that will never die.”

However later in March, the reality show about the group titled ‘Sway Life’ began streaming on Facebook and IGTV, though after a few weeks of filming Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson left the show. This left some fans confused about whether Sway House was truly over.

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Member Bryce Hall then confirmed his status via Twitter with a simple message: “I left Sway,” though he did not elaborate any further on the story behind his departure.

While some fans wondered whether it was a joke, others were immediately upset by the news that the house seemed to truly be coming to an end.

Are Sway getting back together?

Despite it seeming as though the house was totally over, fans became confused again after a game called ‘Sway Stories,’ was released in September. The game is an animated narrative choice-based story that stars Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson.

Then on September 25, Bryce uploaded an Instagram post that featured an image of him, Blake Gray, and Griffin Johnson, with the caption, “Sway might be back.” People also noticed that Hall had re-followed Gray after unfollowing him in August.

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Of course, this has naturally both confused and excited fans in equal measure, as although it looked like the house was done for good, it seems like it may not be over just yet.

Regardless of whether they are truly back together or not, fans are just happy to see some of their favorite TikTok creators meeting up again.